Sunday, October 29, 2017

Random Review: Tracker Hacker by Jeff Adams #Review #Giveaway

Author: Jeff Adams
Book: Tracker Hacker
Series: Code Name: Winger #1
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Publication date: October 17, 2017
Length: 192 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Theo Reese is just an average high school student with a passion for hockey and an uncanny talent when it comes to computers… at least on the surface.
What his teammates, fellow students, and even his boyfriend don’t realize is that Theo leads a double life. When he’s not putting up his facade of normal, Theo is working as an agent for Tactical Operational Support, where his technical genius is more than just a hobby. At sixteen he is responsible for helping agents in the field and keeping the TOS network secure.
It’s a secret he has to keep—from everyone.
But secrecy becomes even harder when a hacker compromises the system TOS uses to track its agents and Theo’s dad goes missing. Theo must find him and stop the hacker, which means leaving the comfort of his computer screen and venturing into a very real and very deadly world.
And if that’s not enough to deal with, all the secrecy is really putting a strain on Theo’s love life.

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I'm a HUGE fan of YA (Young Adult) books ... it's where my heart truly is. I love everything about it--the awkwardness and sometimes painful self-discoveries, the ups and downs of being a teenager, the way the characters look at the world around them. Combine that with some Jason Bourne spy stuff and hockey and man, I'm 100% in. When I saw the blurb for Tracker Hacker by Jeff Adams, I knew this was going to be a book I had to have in my life. And let me tell you guys, I was not wrong. Wow! Talk about a wild ride from beginning to end! I could not stop reading and was completely enthralled from the first page until the last. 

Theo Reese is your typical teenager. He hangs out with his friends, plays hockey, and likes to make-out with his boyfriend, Eddie. He has a pretty decent relationship with his parents, school's not so bad ... he's even so smart that he takes a few classes at MIT. Yes, THAT MIT. Oh and on the side he just so happens to work for a super secret organization called Tactical Operation Support as a computer wiz and even has a cool codename--Winger. His parents work for the same organization, and together they secretly help keep people safe. It's not such a bad gig, though Theo has to lie to his friends and to Eddie, something that's getting harder and harder to manage the longer he has to do it. Theo loves helping people and he's pretty stoked at being able to use his brilliant brain to solve complex technical computer problems. When things start getting dangerous, for not only Theo but his family and the agents of TOS, Theo begins to understand exactly how much his double life might cost him. 

Guys, Tracker Hacker was tons of fun! Fast paced, witty, and exciting, it's everything a fantastic YA book (well, any book I suppose) should be. Theo was equal parts sarcastic and sweet. He has a huge, important job and he's brilliant, but he also has responsibilities to his hockey teammates and to Eddie. It's not always easy to balance and he makes mistakes, but he tries his best. I really liked his relationship with Eddie. They were fantastic together and you could definitely tell they love one another. I enjoyed the conflict here, of Theo having to hide this super secret part of his life, but wanting and trying to make time to spend with Eddie. The whole plot really grabbed my attention and didn't let go though the tech speak got a bit hard to follow at times and seemed to slow the story down in a few spots. All in all though, Tracker Hacker was a roller coaster of a ride and I can't wait to see where Jeff Adams takes the series next. Be sure to check it out, you won't be sorry! 


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