Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Exclusive Cover Reveal: A/S/L by R. Paone #Excerpt #Giveaway

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer
Simply Defined Art

Author: R. Paone
Title: A/S/L
(Age, Sex, Location)
Release date: December/January


Frustrated and complacent with his life at thirty, Noah Bailey is now caught up in the recent aftermath of a widespread terrorist attack in New York City. Drawn into chatrooms, he distracts himself from the horrors of the outside world in hopes of finding Mr. Right Now. Encounter after encounter, he finds no resolution within himself.

One night after coming home from work late, he witnesses what he believes to be two lovers entwined, not being able to pull himself from watching their every move. The next morning, he will awaken to an unspeakable reality and unflinching horror…

What was once a quiet existence is now turned upside down, thrown head first into a world of mystery and anonymity. He’s now a potential witness to a murder. Paranoia sets in. Not knowing what is around those familiar corners he thought he knew, there is now someone else watching him…

The reality of his current situation has set in as Noah finds himself seduced by the private investigator assigned to the case. They are drawn to one another in secrecy. But as the affair deepens, so does Noah’s involvement in wanting to solve the murder himself. He must contend with putting his safety in harm’s way as the secrets of this case go deeper bringing him closer to the killer than he ever imagined.

You like to watch, don’t you?


Blueboxboi817: hey there.
Me: Hi. How are you doing?
Blueboxboi817: A/S/L?
Blueboxboi817: Nothing, want to fuck?

Summerofluv69: wat r u wearing?
Summerofluv69: A/S/L?

4whoiam610x: U gonna be around 2nite? A/S/L?
Me: That depends. Why?
4whoiam610x: I wanna bury my face in ur ass.

Slidingscalemister: You have a pic? Wanna trade? A/S/L?

SuperiorSir0: Hi there.
Me: Hello.
SuperiorSir0: Are you having a good evening?
Me: Yeah, I am. Are you??
SuperiorSir0: Very much so, I am looking for some company.
SuperiorSir0: What about you? Feeling lonely?
Me: Yeah, why else would I be here?
SuperiorSir0: Me too.
SupoeriorSir0: A/S/L?
Me: 30/m/Brooklyn
SuperiorSir0: 37/m/Manhattan. Can I tie you up?
SuperiorSir0: You’ll like it.
Me: Naw, I am ok.
SuperiorSir0: U sure? It’ll be fun.
Me: Sorry. I have to go.
SuperiorSir0: What? Why? Don’t?
SuperiorSir0: Hello???
SuperiorSir0: Are you there? What the fuck? Hello?
SuperiorSir0: Okay, then. If you don’t fucking answer me, I’ll find you, and I’ll kill you.

About the Author

R. Paone is the author of LGBT fiction, coming of age, and contemporary romance including the ongoing “ONLY IF…” along with the upcoming erotic thriller, "A/S/L." Writing is his passion as his stories stem from real life experiences and real moments of love. A writer for the last fifteen years, he started working on his first full-length novel in June, 2014. That novel slowly transformed into “Love is Found,” Part One in the “ONLY IF…” Series. He currently resides in New York City. When he isn’t writing, you can find him getting lost in bookstores, a movie theater, or jamming out to the music of the 90’s. 


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