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Random Reviews... The Degan Incident by Rob Colton #Review #Giveaway

Author: Rob Colton
Book: The Degan Incident
Series: Galactic Conspiracies #1
Self published
Publication date: August 10, 2013
Length: 173 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Lonely spaceport worker Devin McSmith meets Bastian Drago, an exotic and beastly alien from the planet Dega, and begins an adventure that takes him to the stars and beyond.

While working at Earth's Spaceport Prime, Devin McSmith meets Bastian Drago, an exotic and beastly alien from the planet Dega.

Devin and Bastian get to know each other and their relationship quickly heats up. Just as they begin to fall in love, Bastian disappears without a trace.

When Devin's encounter with Bastian triggers a startling change in his body, he is taken captive and held in a top-secret research facility.

Will Bastian find Devin before it's too late?


This is a first time read for me. Rob Colton is a new to me author and this book really caught my attention. I like stories that step outside the norm and really throw a lot of creativity my way. The Degan Incident is just that sort of book.

It’s an alien adventure of sorts. Devin is a human working at a docking station when Bastian, a Degan, steps off his ship and as they say, the rest is history lol. Well, there’s a lot more to it. 

  Yes there’s sex. Hot steamy wild alien sex. There’s a lot of love and alpha protectiveness. There’s also quite a bit of suspense too. 

Bastian disappears, Devin become pregnant and kidnapped, there’s torture and sadness and worry. Then there’s justice. The best kind! 

I actually had no idea this was an MPreg book when I purchased it but I have to say I loved it all the same. MPreg isn’t usually my thing but I was very pleasantly surprised.

If you like a little bit dark, a lot happy, and some wild entertainment; this is a great story for you. I will be checking out the rest of the books in this series for sure!


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  1. Sounds very interesting and different from others I've read. I might have to give this book a try when I'm in the mood.

  2. I'm a big fan of Rob Colton's work, I think I have everything he has out. I own and re read the the Galactic Conspiracies series. I'm looking forward to anything Rob writes for us next.