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Random Reviews... Unf;nished by JR Barten #Review #Giveaway

Author: JR Barten
Book: Unf;nished
Self Published
Publication Date: August 28, 2016
Length: 285 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Could a pair of tattoos ignite a passionate romance?

Technical analyst Garrett Jones lives a solitary life. Occasionally, he must venture into the outside world to get what he needs. On one such occasion, he finds himself at a local tattoo shop getting inked for the first time with a semi-colon as a reminder of his past--a past he cannot allow himself to forget.

Fun-loving and outspoken Dev Hemingway is a social worker for a local LGBTQ shelter. He’s covered in tatts, has long hair, and though most people think he belongs on a Harley, he prefers his Venom electric scooter. He’s adding a semi-colon to his tattoo repertoire to mark eight years since his mental health diagnosis.

Though they start seeing each other casually, Garrett and Dev’s relationship soon deepens into something more than either one could have prepared for. But will the illness that brought them together ultimately be the one to tear them apart? Could this be the end of their story, or is there still too much left unfinished?


We all know how important discussing mental health is, we all know of the stigma that comes along with those diagnosis’s but what, in my opinion, is one of the other major factors that lends to that stigma is the lack of knowledge of mental health diagnosis along with the empathy that can come from truly understanding the effect it has on someone’s everyday life. Although the rarity of these types of stories being written in this genre is becoming less and less it is still rare enough. And Unf;nished is one of those stories that opens up the door to that world and truly gives us a glimpse to what life with Bipolar Disorder is truly like; how it alters Dev’s everyday life and thoughts and how someone else having bipolar can affect our own lives like it did for Garrett.

I connected so much with Garrett from the first page to that last, he captured me. He struggles so much with the past and getting through hurts that he distances himself from friends and life in general. It's funny how the things we go through in life change how we handle our life and for Garrett he stopped being able to live spontaneously; life for him was now planned to the final detail. In some ways Garrett finds it safer to be the way he is than to change so when he meets and finally “hooks up” with Dev he never foresaw things needing to change because it was a one-night thing, casual. But life has a way of throwing in those wrenches when we least want them.

Dev... What can I say I loved him so much! He is this bad boy looking guy who drives a scooter and has a heart of gold. Although we know he is the one with the bipolar depression he is not the one that struggles the most in this book. Dav is outspoken, forward, funny, loving, and happy. He is also very aware of his limitations and his disease. Dev knows he is worthy of being loved and loving in return. This state of mind gets him through his everyday tough on the heart job and in dating Garrett.

I loved these two together. I think their personalities and life experiences played well off each other plus they were able to each give something to each other that encouraged the growth they needed. Although Garrett is the one in this story that really went through the most growth I do believe Dev learns from the experience as well. This is a beautifully written story that flows well and with the author's attention to detail all the dots are connected. All of the secondary characters were well developed and each played the part in the development of the story as they were meant; not one of them were there just as filler. Thank you for that JR! Oh by the way this cover? Gorgeous!

As someone with mental health diagnosis I truly love how the author handled this story with great understanding and empathy. I know I came out the better for going through Dev and Garrett’s journey. We can never truly understand what it’s like to live in the shoes of another without going through it ourselves but JR gives us a small sample of what it might be like.

Can we hope to maybe get Pierre’s story next?


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