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Random Reviews... Locked by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine #Review #Giveaway

Authors: Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine
Book: Locked
Series: PresLocke #2
Self Published
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Length: 270 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar



Sorry, ladies—and fellas—Hollywood’s hottest action star, Ace Locke, is officially off the market!

The man on Locke’s arm has been identified as Dylan Prescott, the sexy new “it” model currently featured in the latest Calvin Klein ads. Sources tell TNZ the men met on the set of Locke’s upcoming action film Insurrection 2, and that “they only have eyes for each other.”
This is the first public gay relationship for Locke, who came out a year ago, and there has been much speculation on who would finally be the one to catch his eye.

According to multiple eyewitnesses, Locke whisked Prescott away on his private jet for a romantic weekend at Syn, the most exclusive hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. After pictures recently surfaced of the new couple, affectionately named PresLocke, it appears from the possessive way Locke keeps his new beau close that things are heating up.

The world is watching #PresLocke, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on this budding relationship!

Ace and Dylan’s story continues in Book Two of the Bestselling PresLocke Series.


This is the second book to this series and I am so glad we got to get back to Ace and Dylan because they left us hanging last time, wondering what is up next for these two guys. Well, Ella and Brooke very much delivered with this story.

Ace Locke, action superstar and out gay man, wasn’t really “out” until someone snuck in and caught him red handed with none other than hot billboard model Dylan Prescott. But these two guys are more than just hot, they are solid. Never at any point was the reader made to truly believe they would leave each other which made the story about so much more. Yes, of course the struggle for their relationship just increased now that the world is watching and the paps won’t leave them alone but with how together they are them weathering the storm was never a concern. Love the drama free love!

But it’s not just the paps and the world they need to worry about. Them being outed has greater consequences than they could’ve imagined. Some fantastic, some bad, and some they never saw coming! I like that even though I never felt their relationship was in real jeopardy that Dylan still came off at times uncertain because of all that Ace was going through to be with him because Dylan was never concerned about himself. Dylan is a sweet and funny guy, so easy to love! Ace and Dylan both learned to open up a lot in this journey and they each helped each other through those tough times with Ace’s parents and job plus Dylan’s past comes back to try and hurt him.

One of my favorite parts of PresLocke is their banter and even with all the stress the cute and funny way they are with each other never changes. And some of other favorites include Ziggy, Sunshine, and Lennon!! I want this family! You can absolutely see where Dylan got to be the lover of life he is by meeting his family. Really each voice in this story was distinct and you could easily tell who was speaking because each one has such a unique personality. I truly loved the Dylan’s family though!

Their connection worked in more ways than one and one way was they caught the sheets on fire! Scorching baby! And as much as there was some hot scenes they definitely did not overpower the story at all! Ella and Brooke hit the nail on the head with this love story!


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