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Random Review... Chase the Sun by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn #Review #Giveaway

Authors: Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn
Book: Chase the Sun
Series: Free Fall #2
Self Published
Publication date: September 7, 2016
Length: 222 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Jamie Tolland has only ever known his small Oregon town. Same job, same friends, same gay bar. He feels obligated to stay, especially as his mother’s illness progresses. But when a situation presents itself in the form of a vintage sports car, he jumps on the chance to not only repair it, but also drive it to its new owner in LA.

Conner Murphy left Oregon years ago to make his life in West Hollywood. Like his unconventional parents, he’s always been a free spirit, never settling on one job or girl for too long. When he inherits his late uncle’s classic Chevelle, he’s more than happy to let his childhood friend Jamie help.

Jamie and Conner are as different as night and day. Even after years of living apart, they still have a blast together—but now it’s mixed with an undeniable spark of attraction. Before they know it, they can’t keep their hands off each other. For Conner it’s all new and exciting, but Jamie isn’t the type of guy who takes this sort of intimacy lightly.

Conner soon realizes that Jamie quenches something deep inside of him that no one has before, but he doesn’t know how to handle a real relationship. As Jamie’s time in LA comes to an end, and the more they struggle to get on the same page about their feelings, the more Jamie realizes that trying to tie Conner down is as futile as capturing the sun.


Just the cover gives the impression of a happy and full of light story that is what these authors deliver to us!

Connor and Jamie come from the same small town but each one out and took their own path. Connor’s was out in the world trying to live life and never be bored. Jaime’s was back in that same small town working at his Dad’s garage and having hook ups a town over. The best part is that this is a friends to lovers trope which is one of my favorites.

“All I can think to do is comfort him, so I melt into his frame and lazily brush my hands over his head and shoulders and back, as we remain silent and just breathe the same air.”

I truly fell in love with Connor and his love of life and always living on his terms plus he exudes this confidence. And Jaime with his cautious but seemingly innocent but sweet to the core personality. Connor and Jamie are those characters that make you smile and fill you with utter happiness even when things are not what we want. I haven’t read Touch the Sky yet but getting in even a small glimpse of the boys, Lucas and Gabriel, from that story tells me so much about them which of course now I need to read it!

“Something wrong?”
“Not at all.” I swallow and bravely glance back at him.  “It’s just…it looks good on you.”
His eyebrows knit together. “What does?”

The story had great flow and pacing. It was a perfect build for their relationship, slow but not really super slow but it made perfect sense for who each of these characters are and what they are working through as they learn each other. A lot of times in stories I tend to connect more with one character over another for various reasons but I connected with both these guys fully. Although I understood Connor more but that was a personal thing not a story thing.

“He’s normally confident and carefree but right now standing there with
his pupils blown wide, he looks hungry and greedy. For me.”

Everything in this story from the pacing and the tone to the sex and discovery told us who these are guys and how well developed there are. This is written in alternating viewpoints which means we get one view at a time, which I am perfectly fine with, but it’s up to the author to make sure each voice is distinct so that we aren’t going by the tag in each section to tell us who is speaking but the characters voice. Well they accomplished that in this book. I was never confused as to who was speaking because not only was their voice distinct their challenges and journey, although tied, was different as well. There was laughter and tears which makes for a great story in my book!

“Chinese? Oh! Or we can walk down to this little Mexican place. Jesus, their
food gives me a woody.”

The first part of the book wasn’t slow but it wasn't overly exciting either. There was a lot of setup of getting Jamie to California and who they are individually in their lives before they meet. I did not view this as bad because to me that is just what it is, the setup of the story. Oh, I CANNOT wait for Ezra’s story!!!


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