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Release Day Review: David, Renewed by Diana Copland #Review #Giveaway

Author: Diana Copland
Book: David, Renewed
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date: September 21, 2016
Length: 256 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


When interior designer David Snyder buys a beautiful century-old house in eastern Washington, he is reeling with heartbreak and looking for somewhere to put down roots. Unfortunately his new home comes with a laundry list of problems: electrical, plumbing, heating… things David knows nothing about. When his mother offers him the business card of a local handyman, David pictures an overweight, balding man in his fifties. But Jackson Henry couldn’t be further from that stereotype.

Dark-haired, muscular, and handsome, Jackson left a large construction firm in Seattle to take care of his sick mother. However, his hometown still has an active “good old boy” network, and finding employment in construction is almost impossible for an openly gay man. Determined to persevere, Jackson takes odd jobs as a handyman. He’s exactly what David needs—in more ways than one.

David isn’t ready for his attraction to Jackson, not considering the way his last relationship ended. But as the two men get to know each other, it becomes clear that the heart often knows best, and it rewards those willing to listen.

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This is a new to me author that I will gladly read again! She gave us a sexy handyman who has a heart of gold and an interior decorator who just wants to be loved for who he is and to get out of his break up without getting hurt.

When the story starts we meet David who has just made a rash decision on buying this cute little fixer upper house after a bad break up and now he will be paying the price for it, literally. But he is still very much in love with the house even though it might break the bank to repair. Well, the repairs lead him to a handyman his mother recommends. That can never go wrong, right? This is where we meet Jackson; gorgeous heart of gold Jackson who knows a thing or two about David’s house. Plus he leaves David a little weak-kneed and breathless just from his smile. Jackson moved back home to help his sick mom since his siblings have all the reasons why they can’t but it's no matter to him because his mom means the world to him. And now he is finding that he is drawn to David.

There was just so much I loved about this story! First I loved David and although he is on a new path after the break up there’s a part of him that has to find who he once was before Trevor. He is slowly beginning to dress how he used too, decides maybe connecting with old friends Trevor never liked is a good idea, and he definitely wants to make this little house into a home. The condo Trevor and he shared never was. And Jackson helps him along on his journey because by Jackson liking David the way he is; it gives him the courage to be exactly that, himself. Secondly, I loved the slow build relationship between these two men slowly starting out as handyman and client to friends to more. The building heat between David and Jackson was off the charts between embraces to stolen kisses to making out they leave you a little hotter than you started.

It is definitely about this relationship but also about David’s growth in becoming who he once was but also realizing he isn’t a stereotype because even the flamboyant guys are strong and have spines of steel! But on the other hand a large portion of this story was dedicated to families. The huge range of emotions that we can and do deal with in our everyday lives with our families. Really wonderful!

This story is told completely from David’s POV but each character is fleshed out and even without being in their head you feel you get to know them just as well. All of the secondary characters played a big part in the story. Michael who is a friend and coworker for David, Vernon, Manny, and Gil who are friends and colleagues of Jackson, and then we have the moms, each fleshed out realistic characters that anyone could have in their real life. David’s mom was a force of nature! I can hope beyond hope that some of the core group of friends get their own stories. Right now I am leaning towards Gil and Michael...PLEASE!

HIGHLY recommend!


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