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Series Recap Tour~ Blood Moon Pack Alliance by S.A. Welsh #Review #Giveaway

Blood Moon Pack Alliance - S A Welsh

Author: SA Welsh

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Series Blurb

Remy’s life was turned upside down when Alpha Trevor, a controlling and sly leader concerned only with power, threatened his mother and a primal strength awakened inside him. He challenged the tyrannical alpha and defeated him. Now he is alpha, but Trevor isn’t going away quietly to lick his wounds. Trevor is much more devious than that. Remy and his pack have to navigate through plots and schemes created by such a formidable enemy who is willing to do anything it takes to steal back control and rule not only the Blood Moon Pack but all of the paranormal world.

Lines are drawn, alliances are made, and mates are found, but will it be enough when the lies and treachery go far deeper than they know? Spies infiltrate and enemies circle, waiting for an opportunity to strike. The people closest to Remy are at greatest risk and some suffer more than anyone should at the hands of those seeking power. Vampires and shifters alike in the Blood Moon Pack Alliance must fight to keep each other safe and hope that love and family will be enough to give them the strength to weather the storm ahead.


I haven’t ever read an S.A. Welsh book so this series was a new one for me all around. Shifters and vampires and true mates all in one story? Yes please! The overarching storyline is about Remy finding himself in charge of his pack after fighting his Alpha and finding out he’s been an Alpha all along but his mother hid the fact from him to protect him. With good cause since his Alpha was not a good guy. Each book is about Remy trying to solve the poison that has been given to the vampires from an unknown source and the poison given to the wolves of his pack from the previous Alpha. It’s also about him coming into his own as an Alpha with the help of his family and inner circle around to help. There’s good guys, bad guys, and love.

Remy is a wolf shifter who likes and has made a living out of fixing up cars, a very good living. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of a huge change for himself and the pack he has always lived in, the pack he suddenly is the Alpha of. Then finding out that the wounded vampire his old Alpha wanted him to kill is his mate...Remy life has turned upside down! With each book we get to see another mated pair find each other plus watch as they each wade through the dangers the previous pack Alpha Trevor is creating. As the books go one the danger gets worse because they find that those they thought would have their back in fact do not. Remy needs to work fast to put his inner circle of betas, enforcers, and seconds i place as soon as he can because danger is coming and they need to be prepared.

All the characters are pretty well fleshed out and their true mate stories are on the side of sweet and sultry. One for the plus column is that the characters don’t just fall immediately for their true mate every time. They each have passed hurts that make it hard to trust, or or don’t trust anyone but their own species, or past resentments coming up to bite them on the butt. Whatever the issue they have to work through it while fighting an outside source trying to kill not just their Alpha but them as well. The books are on the shorter side each taking about 3 hours to read but although you wish they were longer it's not because the authors doesn’t give you a solid story.

I did have some issues with some of the smexy times and the use of “vampire speed”. It was overused in all the mating with vampires and is truly one thing I find hard to visual as sexy. And for my own personal preference as much as I LOVE sex in a book there were times throughout the series I felt it was too much a focus especially in the fifth book of the series “What’s Your Poison?” when they finally do figure the poison out. I would’ve liked to get to see more about Jake even though it was awesome to see the mates get to fully mate. And I suspect that there will be a future book for him that I will definitely be reading!!


I'm SA Welsh and I write because I love reading and I love letting the characters and stories in my head come to life in a book. I can't function in the morning without a cup of tea and when I'm not writing, I'm reading. Thank you to all the readers that let me keep writing and to the authors that keep me up at night reading a thrilling chapter and also to the editors that help make my books the best they can be.

Happy reading :)


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