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Release Day Review: Power Bottom? by Rowan McAllister #Review #Giveaway

Author: Rowan McAllister
Book: Power Bottom?
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: September 19, 2016
Length: 255 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Can a pickup line from a stranger completely change the way an ordinary man sees himself?

Adrian wouldn’t have thought so, but after an ugly breakup where his self-esteem took a serious beating, he’s willing to try just about anything to repair the damage… even return to a secluded bar in rural Maryland and the intriguing stranger whose words have been on his mind since they met.

Biker, bouncer, bartender, and tattoo artist, Wyatt is a rolling stone. After fifteen years, he is tired of a life on the run, but he isn’t sure he knows how to do anything else or if he has anything besides a physical relationship to offer.

What’s supposed to be a one-off turns into another and another, and the relationship looks promising until the mob and the FBI come knocking on Adrian’s door.

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So, this book was actually different than I thought it would be. Initially I assumed there would be aspects of BDSM in this book… If you’re wondering there is NO BDSM in this book. Not sure why I thought that.

This book was so much more! It starts out like any exciting little Rom-com might. Geeky guy and his boyfriend lost and needs to go into a leather bar but doesn’t KNOW it’s a leather bar.  At this point I was like, "Oh this is going to be an adorable book.” Adrian is the geeky accountant with the jerk of a boyfriend. Wyatt is the leather guy with a ton of secrets. He’s also Adrian’s wet dream and for reasons Adrian can’t understand Wyatt really finds him sexy.

This story is adorable. Adrian is dorky and cute and so funny! He cracked me up so much in this story. I will say the self-deprecating thing he had going on was annoying me a bit after a while. He needed so much validation that I wanted to shake him a bit. But just a bit and he actually evolves into quite an amazing character.

Like I said there’s lies and secrets. There’s also action, suspense, and a bit of mystery too! That shocked me. I didn’t see the thrilling excitement coming but it really gave this story an extra boost. It made this an action, suspense Rom-Com. 

Bev and Furlough are WONDERFUL secondary characters. They really were the glitter sprinkled on this already awesome story. Secondary characters can make or break a story and these two made it… so did the dogs.

I recommend this book for those of you looking for a little bit of everything. Jam-packed fabulous!


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  1. Jam-packed fabulous. Hmm, interesting.
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