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Author Saturday Spotlight: R. Paone #Interview #Giveaway

Saturday is here again and today the wonderful R. Paone is gracing us with his awesomeness! The author of the Only If series is going to be sitting with us and answering some questions, we will look at his work, and of course there is the giveaway in the end. Have seat and enjoy.

“My love for you will never die.”

A tale based on true events of love, self-acceptance, and the turmoil of companionship.

“Love is Found” is the moving account about coming-of-age in suburban New York and discovering the broad concept of sexuality and love.

Based on true events of love, the story’s protagonist, Robert, finds himself thrown into the realization that upon entering graduate school he is beginning a new chapter in his adult life. Comfortable with being gay, he yearns for love but dwells on the ideal of being alone while being consumed by the world of academia. Upon starting a new job he meets a coworker, whom he begins an unlikely relationship with considering this man identifies as straight.

When sex is introduced and emotions run amok, the routine of Robert’s life is thrown into chaos with unexpected outcomes. Will Robert realize his true limits and whether he can conquer the strife of new love? Little does he know if his heart can survive the overwhelming desire and how this man will alter the course of his life just not now, but for the next decade.

The first novel in the debut “Only If…” series by R. Paone introduces the heartbreaking portrait of one young man finding love in all the wrong places while exploring themes of one’s sexual identity, passion, and nostalgia.

He said, "Never stop."
I said, "Never will."

“Please don’t try to hold me in your arms."

The moment had passed, the passion burned out, and the high of a first love was left lingering.

How quickly can one fall in love?
How quickly can one fall out of love?

Devastated by the realization of Mitch’s misgivings, Robert has cast himself aside unable to process his current reality. Exposed to a love that was debilitating but also rewarding, he must now face the consequences of secrets, addiction, and desire if he is to continue forward with his heart while disregarding his doubts.

Now, it was happening again.

Sooner or later, Mitch reappears in Robert’s life unable to break away from what he feels deep within as he questions the connection between them both. It is a consuming bond that could break at any moment by the forces meaning to keep them apart no matter what.

What else was Mitch hiding from him and was an attempt at reintroducing those feelings again the safest bet against Robert’s sanity?

“Is This Desire?” documents the continuing story of a flourishing love as it grows at an increasing speed. As Robert faces Mitch’s demons, Mitch himself must reclaim his independence and sanity if they are ever to be together.


Hey, Rocco. Thank you so much for being here today and talking with me. I have a few questions for you and hopefully it will be painless! Lol
No worries! Painless is good :D I am so glad I’m here too! No, thank you for having me!
You just had a new release. Can you tell everyone what it’s about?
Yes! “Is This Desire?” is part II of the “Only If” Series. “Love is Found,” part I takes place immediately before the events of “Is This Desire?” The story is loosely based around my experiences growing up, self exploration but also the fictional relationship with a man who identified as “straight.” As well as their struggles finding love with each other with so much opposition keeping them apart.
Have you cast the characters in Is This Desire? Who are they?
Like I said most of the characters are “loose definitions” of people I have met in my life so I have a rough idea when writing how to cast them. They will embody the same qualities as these individuals I have known, primarily emotionally and mentally. Robert is our main character in his early 20s entering graduate school while Mitch is his love interest, the gentleman who can’t clearly come to terms with his sexuality.
If you could move anywhere in the world and write for a living where would you go?
Oh, gosh. That is a tough one. As a long term resident of NYC, I would have to say anywhere upstate in the countryside would be great. If I could get a solid month off from work and just write my heart out, that is what I would do.
What 3 literary minds (living or dead) would you like to sit down with and have dinner and questions?
Virginia Woolf, Susanna Moore, and Hanya Yanagihara. All three of these authors have written something that have affected me in some way or another. Not really being a veteran romance reader in the past, I always had a passion for Virginia Woolf’s stream of consciousness in her works. Ms. Moore has written some beautiful but also vicious works of erotica while Hanya’s “A Little Life” is something I wish I could achieve. That novel is a work of near perfection in its’ story of love, sex, but also despair and loneliness. It will not only break your heart but make you feel alive. Please everyone read it, after mine, of course! :)
Tell us what your writing situation is like? DO you need quiet, sugar, coffee???
It changes! I like to leave my apartment and write at a cafe or a work space. I actI will always have music playing but I always try to write for 2-3 hours on a weekday (I still have a day job, unfortunately) when I am working on an novel while on the weekends I like to get in 6-8 hours of writing. Seltzer is making more of an appearance lately than coffee!
Would you ever collaborate with another author, if so who?
That’s a tough one. I have made so many close connections in the M/M community in the last year. There is a large group of friends I have made for National Novel Writing Month, so maybe a large collaborative effort? I think if any M/M author asked me to do a dual novel, I would say yes in a heartbeat!
What was the very first M/M book you read?
“Coming Home” by Alexa Land
Can you tell us what you are currently working on?
I am working on several works:
“Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,” Part III in the “Only If” Series as well as the untitled Part IV.
“Black Christmas,” a novella but changing genres and going for a dark erotic thriller.

How can your readers follow your career? Facebook, twitter, website?
Facebook: (Personal)
Twitter: @roccosaidhi
Fast Fire Questions:
Noise or quiet? Quiet
Day or night? Night
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Favorite flower? Lilies
Favorite smell? Lilies actually too!
Favorite time of year? Fall
Dogs or cats? Dogs all the way!
Favorite number? 44. Don’t ask.

Okay, Rocco, thank you for doing this. I look forward to more books from you!
You are very welcome. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate this! <3

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Thank you, Rocco, for being here today!!

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