Sunday, November 1, 2015

Book of the Week: Kage Unmasked by Maris Black #Review

Author: Maris Black
Publish date: October 25, 2015
Length: 164 pages
Book 3 in Kage Trilogy


Kage and Jamie have finally come to terms with their feelings for each other, but there is still plenty of drama to work through. Friends and family don't want to let them be, and now that Kage has his UFC contract, his uncle is worried that the public will find out about his nephew's boyfriend. Will the drama be too much to handle? Will the stakes be to high?

Discover just how far Kage and Jamie will go for love.


Kage Unmasked is the third and final installment in Maris Black’s Kage Trilogy. If anyone read them one by one like I did than you know how nail-biting and intense it was. Maris’s character Kage isn’t perfect. He’s flawed. He’s a killing machine. He has dark memories suppressed where he can’t grab. The last 2 books we watched as Kage and Jamie succumbed to the raw, feral need to be with each other. They hurt each other, tested each other. And they broke each other’s hearts repeatedly. By the time book 3 came we were all like, “COME ON LET THEM BE TOGETHER!” LOL. Maris likes to strap you into her roller coaster of emotion and watch as you crumble from the safety of the sidelines. By now you know each book was a cliffhanger until the final one. And every one was beautiful torture. If you haven’t read them than read them all together.

Kage Unmasked truly is what its title says. Kage breaks free from his burdens. Realizes the secrets that have haunted him and falls in love. All of it was worth it.

This book is in your face, breath stopping action… in the bedroom and out *wink* Kage and Jamie love like no other. It’s brutal at times. This trilogy is fabulous and book after book and page after page was an adventure I’d take over and over again.

Fabulous book to an outstanding trilogy!