Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Release Day Review: Nomad's Dream by August Li #Review #Giveaway

Author: August Li
Title: Nomad's Dream
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date: January 29, 2019
Cover Artist: Tiferet Design
Length: 192 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Two men, each with a hidden destiny. Can they defeat a web of deceit and dark magic to ensure their fates intertwine?

Bedouin Isra al-Grayjaab’s dreams lead him to Janan, an amnesiac beggar on the street of Qena—one who steals his heart and starts him on a seemingly hopeless quest. With only their wits, Isra’s knowledge of the desert’s secrets, and the aid of a mercurial djinn, they must recover Janan’s past. But neither can predict his true identity or the lengths others will go to see that his mind remains broken and his true power out of his reach.

In a sweeping romantic adventure that takes them across the Eastern Desert to the modern streets of Cairo and on to the luxurious Red Sea Coast, Janan and Isra seek a truth that will either bring them into each other’s arms or tear them apart forever.

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I will admit that this book started a little slow for me which made it hard to want to keep going, but the characters and setting kept me intrigued enough not to give up.

The author did a wonderful job in creating and describing not only the world and beauty of the desert but the Bedouin way of life. They also did one thing that I truly love in books that have other cultures and languages was include them as part of the story by interspersing them throughout. And they was completely respectful in the way they handled it as well.

The paranormal characters were an interesting and fun addition to the story, but the mix of religious characters was what threw me. That is a completely personal preference and not something that hinders the story. It took me a little bit of time to realize that it takes place in modern day Egypt, but it also made my heart ache for the LGBT and women in the story. I do have to say that this didn’t feel like a true romance story. Yes, the main characters fall in love, and we get to watch that journey, but it felt as though the focus wasn’t their love and the evolution of that but, the adventure and mystery parts of the book.

Although I was cautious of Flicker, the djinn (secondary character) from the start, I thought his character was well developed and left me intrigued about him from the start. The author has a unique way of writing and is both detailed and beautiful.


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