Thursday, January 24, 2019

Random Review: His Uptown Guy by Felice Stevens #Review #Giveaway

Author: Felice Stevens
Title: His Uptown Guy
Series: The Landmark Series
Self Published
Publication Date: January 21, 2019

Reviewed by Racheal


When Jesse Grace-Martin loses his father on 9/11, his charmed life is gone forever. People look menacing, and the streets no longer seem safe. After experiencing a brutal mugging, Jesse retreats to his apartment in the landmark Dakota building. Five years later, his first attempt to walk outside those famous gates again is a disaster—except for meeting the gorgeous maintenance worker who helps him through his crushing panic attack. Jesse can’t stop thinking about the guy but hesitates to reach out, knowing he has little to offer.

Dashamir Sadiko has big dreams. Money in the bank tops his list, and his glimpse into the life of the uber-wealthy at his job at the Dakota is all the incentive he needs. Struggling to work full-time and go to college, Dash desperately wants to break the cycle of poverty his parents had hoped to leave behind in Albania. When the two men become friends, Dash isn’t sure what to expect but can’t help his growing attraction to sweet and sexy Jesse. It’s nice to see how the other side lives, but his affections can’t be bought; Dash wants to be his own man.

Defying the Dakota’s co-op rules, the two share lunches, their hopes and dreams, and ultimately their hearts. Jesse slowly regains his courage, but he’s worried he’ll never be the person he once was and that he’s not good enough for Dash. And Dash isn’t convinced the son of poor immigrants has a place at the table with a blue-blood, trust-fund man. Jesse needs to realize that money can’t buy happiness and love, while Dash must learn to trust that what they have is real, that he’s more than Jesse’s walk on the wild side with an uptown guy.

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The best thing about reading, for me, is when I learn through stories about different nationalities. In His Uptown Guy, by Felice Stevens, I actually learned a little about Albanian cooking.

This is an inspiring story about two men with totally different backgrounds and who were both raised to see the world a little differently. 

Jesse who was raised on the privileged side- living in one of the oldest buildings in New York-  has never really had to struggle with some of the common necessities that average day to day people do. However, his apartment has become his own personal nightmare. His life started falling apart the day he lost his father on 9/11 only to be shattered further when attacked two years later. 

Dash's life is constantly on the go. From working as a porter at Dakota, to helping his family, then to his tiny apartment in the Bronx to finish his college work in the evening. All Dash wants to accomplish, is finishing his schooling to get a good job to get his family out of the gang infested neighborhood.

When the two meet it's under unusual circumstances but their chance encounter leads to a growing friendship. Two men with hardy anything in common find that special something in one another. Dash is what Jesse has needed and Jesse is what Dash has needed.

Great read!


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