Sunday, January 20, 2019

Random Review: Struck by Victoria Kinnaird #Review #Giveaway

Author: Victoria Kinnaird
Title: Struck
Series: The Lightning Project book 1
Self Published
Publication Date: November 28, 2018
Length: 244 pages

Reviewed by Michael


Capes are stupid.
Superheroes are just wishful thinking.
True love doesn’t exist.
I’m not a hero.
Well…not yet.


A seventeen-year-old hacker, a group of teenage superheroes and one hell of a family secret come together to form the perfect storm.
Are you ready to get struck?


I’ve never made a secret of my love for comics and super-heroes.  So, if there’s a book available for review that centers around characters with super powers, I have a tendency to jump on it.  Bonus points if it’s the first book in a series.

“Struck”…struck me (see what I did there?  Ha!)  Ethan is your typical emo angsty kid.  He’s an angry computer hacker who takes great joy in digging up dirt on others, particularly those in power, and exposing them for the garbage they are.  He gains super-powers through a not-so accident, and is kidnapped and taken to a literal tower.  There, he meets the rest of the diverse cast of kids that have been through the same process, all of whom have developed different powers.  Among them is Adam, your typical, All-American good boy.  Adam’s brightness is a perfect counter to Ethan’s angst.

I loved most of the writing in this book.  You get a clear picture of how Ethan views the world, what his thought processes are, and why he does what he does.  His inner-monologue is pitch-perfect for someone his age.

But, much like the world of super-heroes and villains, everything can’t be roses and sunshine.  The book is told almost exclusively in first person, from Ethan’s point of view, which is a perfect introduction to this world.  However, at various points in the book, we would switch points of view.  This, in and of itself, wouldn’t have been a problem.  However, we also switch from first-person to third-person.  Sometimes mid-chapter.  The first time it happened, I had to go back and reread the section leading up to it, just to be sure I hadn’t misread.  It happens sporadically through out the book, sometimes mid-chapter.  I really wished it hadn’t happened, because it had a tendency to pull me out of the book, re-calibrate my brain, and dive back in.  I understand why it was done, but wish the author had found a different way to tell those points of few.  Because I really, really did love the book, besides that issue.

Oh, and I totally saw Wesley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I was reading Jones.  Just sayin’.


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