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Random Double Review: Klub Kids and Klub Kids Strike Back by Johnny Williams #Review #Giveaway

Author: Johnny Williams
Book: Klub Kids~ 2nd edition
Self Published
Publication date: April 13, 2016
Cover Artist: Johnny Williams
Length: 172 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Johnny Williams really only wants one thing: a chance at love. But will he find his chance in the hilarious crawl through the club scene we go through with him, the only real place he knows where to go with his friends to find available gay guys? Come with him and his friends, the incredibly handsome Danny and super peppy Jason, as they attempt to help him find that chance, before he gives up, or ends up with someone they’ll hate. This semi-biographical trip is filled with lots of humor, plenty of blunt candor, sexy encounters, and heartbreaking hopes of love.


Author: Johnny Williams
Book: Klub Kids Strike Back
Self Published
Publication date: March 1, 2017
Cover Artist: Johnny Williams
Length: 468 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Continuing the comic adventures of the Klub Kids, and Johnny, as he tries to find love in gay clubs, coffee houses, and through friends. Also, they attend the wedding of his friend Jason and his love of his life, Peter, the doctor who treated him after a gay bashing.


Klub Kids

Klub Kids by Johnny Williams is truly a funny, fresh, and fierce book. There is so much realism mixed in. It was wonderfully refreshing. Johnny's sense of humor had me laugh-crying and that is my favorite! 

The character Johnny (which when you consider it's a semi-autobiography is also the writer) is very cynical. You don't quite know what will come out of his mouth at any given time and that is why I'd bust out laughing at odd times in this story.

You can't help but relate and love Johnny in this. I can't understand his struggle at finding someone because I found him to be a delight!

It's fascinating in the outlook part. Aside from all the wonderful humor, there are issues and I found the author really made the reader not just be there but to understand it all. Great!

Klub Kids Strike Back

Klub Kids Strike Back is book two, or a follow up really to Klub Kids. I did read this back to back with book one so I can easily say I find the need to read the first one before this to be important.

We are once again in the author's head here. This isn't just a story, just like in book one this is a semi-autobiography. The humor is still amazing and witty. There were so many priceless moments that made me laugh and love. He nails the realism once again and I have to say that really is a huge thing. We can all joke about what Johnny lives through with the character but when there's added realism we feel like we've been there in our own way.

Johnny has seen things that some have and some haven't and I felt like his eyes in many ways, going through a scene with him. We are all cynics in this world... at least the people I know are so in many ways we are Johnny.

There's a script included, one the author is trying to get Hollywood to read and love. It's my opinion we need more of these stories out in the world.

There's so much to love about this series, of course, the laughs and realism, but there's the rawness we don't see a lot of.

I recommend this series


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  1. Thank you for two nice, glowing, and very positive reviews. I am honored, and happy you laughed at my jokes, and I touched your heart.