Monday, April 10, 2017

Random Review: The Faintest Spark by Christina Lee #Review #Giveaway

Author: Christina Lee
Book: The Faintest Spark
Series: Roadmap to Your Heart #1.5
Release Date: March 25, 2017
Self Published
Length: 131 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Malachi O’Rourke spends his years as president of the Disciples of the Road cleaning up his father’s mess, grieving a broken heart, and protecting the men under his charge. Sawyer Malone hasn’t had it easy either since joining the Scorpions. While paying back a personal debt for his club seems gratifying on the surface, he ends up sacrificing way more than he bargained for.

When Mal recognizes that Sawyer is struggling, he offers him needed support. Something about the man’s quiet strength stirs deeply inside him. Sawyer knows he shouldn’t rely on the solace Mal provides, but he’s been the only ray of light in an otherwise bleak few months. So after a tender moment passes between the men, they simply chalk it up to their newfound friendship.

Besides, no one will ever measure up to Mal’s former old lady and Sawyer’s just been through his own tragic ordeal. But when they’re thrust together for a weekend event involving both of their clubs, they can no longer deny their attraction. Except time-honored loyalties and hard-fought tradition will not only force them to risk their standing—but also gamble with their hearts.

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This was one of those books that just had everything I was looking for and more.

As a reader, who has not found the time, sadly, to read all of this series this was an easy read right from the start. The prologue set up the story perfectly with both Mal and Sawyer's point of view. From there I fell into Mal and Sawyer’s story so easily I didn’t want to come back out. The tension between these two from even across a crowded room was hot and sparking. The worry they each had because of their positions felt real and page after page I hoped they would find their way to each other in the end.

Their timing isn’t good with tensions high in the gangs after the last battle they had gone through and of course, there was the abuse that Sawyer went through to get them what they needed. Mal was such a caring tough guy he made me melt with every kiss and every new emotion he felt. The level of emotion in his words was intense and so freaking hot. He was learning so much about himself just through this one friendship turned more. And Sawyer was right there to help him learn.

Their coming out was nerve wracking and tense especially since Sawyer was not part of Mal’s gang and the head of his gang was full of suspicion, just not the right kind. I thought that the coming out was handled well and although we all would love to see every little bit that happened in that area I’m more than happy with how the author handled it.

I fell so deep in love with these two guys that I am definitely going to be making the time to read the whole series. I will admit that Christina Lee is one of my favorite authors and always delivers characters that live in my heart and in my mind long after I finish reading them.


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