Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book of the Week: Olive Juice by TJ Klune #Review

Author: TJ Klune
Book: Olive Juice
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: April 26, 2017
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Length: 121 pages


It begins with a message that David cannot ignore:

I want to see you.

He agrees, and on a cold winter’s night, David and Phillip will come together to sift through the wreckage of the memory of a life no longer lived.

David is burdened, carrying with him the heavy guilt of the past six years upon his shoulders.

Phillip offers redemption.

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As an avid reader who averages reading about 5 books a week across all genres, I have a lot of authors I love, but I only a few are immediate auto-buys that don't even require a blurb, a cover, or hell even a title. TJ Klune is one such author for me. Regardless of genre or subject matter, the man NEVER fails to deliver a story that is brilliantly written, imaginative, emotional, and guaranteed to stick with you long after you finish the last page. His new release, Olive Juice, is all of that. And more. 
If you follow TJ at all on social media or if you're one of those that scrolls through your Goodreads feed you've no doubt seen it mentioned MANY times that Olive Juice is best read without ANY spoilers of any kind. I can't agree with this more strongly ... you absolutely need to read this book without knowing anything about it. Remember what I said up there about not even needing a blurb for TJ's books? I started this book without even an inkling as to what it was going to be about and I can't begin to tell you how much better my experience was for it. Another thing I'd recommend, don't try to figure out where TJ is going while you read or try to guess what comes next. Just sit back and experience what's going on as it happens. Trust me. 
It is impossible to say much at all about Olive Juice (which has one of the most meaningful and compelling titles ever) without giving anything away. I can tell you that in true TJ Klune style, this book will completely enthrall you from the first sentence and keep you hooked until you reach the end. I recently read a blog post of TJ's where he recommends reading the book in one sitting ... DO THIS! It's meant to be read that way and the impact you'll feel at the end will be all the more powerful if you're able to do this. But believe me when I say, once you start you won't want to stop. 
As with any TJ book, the writing is beyond fantastic. There is love and hope and despair and so much pain that it's almost unbearable. There are flawed characters that are so real you'll swear you know someone just like them. Be prepared for an emotional onslaught while reading Olive Juice. Expect for your heart to break and for there to be tears. Expect to be angry and sad. Expect for there to be hope. Most of all, expect that this might be one of TJ Klune's best books yet.

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