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Blog Tour: My Name Was Karl by Daniel Mitton #Review #Giveaway

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Length: 91 pages


It was a forgotten place. A place with a dark history. Thousands of men had passed through its doors during the first three quarters of the twentieth century. Most had served their time and moved on. But not all had been so fortunate.
As the years ticked by and the seasons changed, the old prison moldered away, but one thing stayed constant. 

In the deepest part of the night, on the darkest nights of the year—particularly in spring, if you were sensitive enough to hear them—sounds could be heard coming from the deepest bowels of the lowest level basement. All was not right. Something was waiting, alone in the darkness. 
Waiting for someone to finally hear its sorrow. 
When Petty Officer Ben Pierce decided to explore the long abandoned Naval Prison next to his decrepit barracks, the last thing he expected to find was a mystery.
Something is in the Prison. Or is it some one? Where is the weeping coming from? When Ben follows the sounds to an ice cold, but empty, cell, he isn’t sticking around to find out any more details. 
But now he can’t get it out of his mind. 


I love ghost stories. If done right you not only get a glimpse of the ghost's past you also get a mystery to solve and some creepy moments. You'll also get to see the character (s) of the present time reacting to it.

The first half of this story from the prologue, from Karl’s POV, to about Chapter eight was phenomenal. The somber, dark tone was set from hearing of Karl’s death and even when Ben entered into the picture with the “haunted” prison. Somehow the author decided one night after the ghost from 1945 Germany was going to be a-okay with being gay and admitting that to Ben.  There were no questions. No hesitations. Just BAM...Oh, you’re hot.

To me this wasn’t a “suspend your beliefs” thing since going in if you don’t believe in ghosts, which I do, then you already have to do that. This was taking a story and flipping it upside down and inside out. We went for beaten to death, and I’m being punished for my sin to touching naked skin and sexual stuff.

Then we have the ending. First off, I honestly hoped that the author would’ve gone the route I thought they were taking the readers on. Karl had become able to touch Ben and felt warm all the time instead of cold plus others were able to see and hear him. This gave them a way that maybe through the power of something that Karl would solidify or something. But nope, that is NOT what the author did.

On top of that, the dialog took a bit of a cheesy turn from what it had been in the first half of the book. I was looking forward to this one, but for me, there was just TOO much suspension of belief needed to keep it that way.

Author Bio

Daniel Mitton is not a statistic. When the doctors broke the news to him that he would be dead by the end of 2013 from brain cancer, he scoffed at them. He has proven them incorrect, and continues to prove them more incorrect every day.

He is now pursuing his lifelong dream of telling other people his stories in writing. His overactive imagination used to get him in trouble. It will be interesting to see what happens this time.

My Name Was Karl is his first self-published work, but he already has two other books in a queue somewhere at a publisher.

Daniel was born and raised in northern New Hampshire, but now lives in sunny Southwest Florida with his husband of nearly twenty-eight years. He totally doesn’t get why some people complain it is too hot in Florida!

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