Sunday, April 2, 2017

Promotional Post: What He Wants by Kate Aaron #Excerpt #Giveaway

Author: Kate Aaron
Book: What He Wants 2nd edition
Publisher: Croft House
1st edition published: April 28, 2012
2nd edition published: April 1, 2017
Word count:69,500


Christo's life fell apart when his partner of eight years walked out on him. There wasn't even a reason for it. Sometimes love just fades, as quickly and mysteriously as it appears in the first place. 

Enter Damien. Damien's the guy with a different man on his arm for every event. He's smooth and arrogant and always impeccably turned out. Christo hates him. But God, he's gorgeous. Damien could be exactly what Christo needs to get him over John. 

It's only going to be a fling. Nothing serious, nothing that will affect their working relationship or the rest of their lives. So why are they fighting through the night rather than letting go and walking away? Why does Damien's secretive nature bug Christo so much? And why does he even care that Damien might not be as tough as he pretends to be?

Book Introduction

What He Wants was my first breakout title. Published in April 2012, it spent its first six months on the LGBT bestseller lists of five of the (then) six Kindle stores. It was the #1 LGBT book on Amazon domains in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Italy, as well as topping the LGBT chart on iTunes in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. During a promotion in February 2014 it made it as high as #253 in the entire Kindle store—not too shabby for a two-year-old book!

Its success was completely unprecedented, and giddy still does not begin to describe how I feel about this title. While it wasn't my first published work, it was the one that showed me I could make a living from writing.

Five years on, I've given it a complete clean-up, deleted some 8,000 words and rewritten about an additional 10,000. It's been a labour of love, and I hope readers old and new enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed working on it.

Purchasing This Book

Available on:

It's rolling out to B&N and iTunes this week. People who've already purchased it will be able to download the second edition from that retailer. If anyone bought a copy from ARe or any other defunct site, if they send the author proof of purchase she'll send them the second edition. They need to email 


“Shall we call it a day?” Damien asked in the middle of the last morning.
Christo glanced around the room at the thin crowds. The expo was all but finished, he knew. “Let’s give it another hour,” he suggested. “Instead of coming back after lunch we’ll pack up.”
“Sounds good to me.”
When they were done, Christo followed Damien, who drove to a small pub. While Christo leafed through paperwork, tallying up their take for the week, Damien took care of ordering their meals at the bar.
“Do you know how much we made?” Christo asked, astonished, when Damien returned with their drinks.
“Maybe the recession is over?”
“I’ll drink to that.”
They clinked their glasses.
“Put that away,” Damien said as Christo picked up the documents again. “We’ve worked hard enough this week.”
“Maybe you’re right.” He tucked the papers back into his briefcase.
Their eyes met over the table. Christo shifted in his seat. This was the first time they’d been alone together without a pile of work to do since the morning after the night before. He cleared his throat.
“Are we ever going to talk?”
Christo looked up sharply. “What’s there to talk about?”
“You ran out on me.” Damien’s eyes flashed.
“Yeah, sorry about that.”
“Look if you’re not interested that’s fine. You’ve just come out of a big relationship. I get it. If it was a one-off thing then tell me.”
“I, I don’t know,” Christo stammered. How was he supposed to tell Damien he was frightened of getting hurt again? What was it Guy said: He’s only going to fuck you and ditch you. Was that true?
“What do you want, Christo?”
God, just the way Damien said his name made his loins shiver. What did he want? He wanted Damien. He wanted mad, hot, passionate sex. But he wanted other things as well. Loyalty, security, stability. Love.
“Stop analysing it,” Damien drawled. “I’m doing all the work here. Just tell me what you want.”
Still Christo dithered.
“Shall I guess what you want?” Damien didn’t wait for an answer. “You want me to take you back to the hotel, book us a room, take you to bed, and fuck you. You want us to shower together and eat food off each other’s bodies and you want me to suck your cock until you come in my mouth.”
Christo made an embarrassed, outraged noise.
“You didn’t let me finish,” Damien scolded. “Afterwards, you want to fall asleep in my arms, and in the morning you want me to still be there. Am I right?”
Oh god, yes. Christo nodded quickly, unable to speak. If his cock got any harder it’d jump into Damien’s arms of its own accord.
Damien smiled. “Good. I want that too.”


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  3. New author to me... It sounds good, though

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  6. I have only read one book by Kate Aaron ^^

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    1. There will be more, I promise! Life kicked my arse last year but I'm 60% done on the next one, Sub on Top :D

  8. I haven't read a book by this author yet but I've bought a few of her books.

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