Thursday, October 13, 2016

Release Day Review: THIRDS Beyond the Books: Vol 2 by Charlie Cochet #Review #Giveaway

Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance, Shifters

Length: Novella 

 Published: Oct 12th, 2016
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: L.C. Chase Author: Charlie Cochet

Reviewed by Erin


Return to the THIRDS universe with another collection of flash fiction stories inspired by prompts submitted by fans. Reunite with favorite THIRDS characters to explore even more of their hidden adventures and personal moments, and take the opportunity to learn more about them through this series of stories recounting the humor, heartbreak, friendship, hardship, and love these characters experience behind the scenes. Complete your THIRDS experience with these tales of stolen moments.

** All royalties earned from THIRDS Beyond the Books are being donated to Big Cat Rescue.

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As any proper fangirl or fanboy of Charlie Cochet's THIRDS series knows, besides a book release day, the best days are Flash Fiction Thursday's on her blog. Every week, us rabid readers are treated, ne' gifted, little snippets written from prompts offered by fans. These can be anything, from seeing a particular scene from an alternate point of view, to making Dex doing something completely crazy and embarrassing, to Sloane being uncharacteristically vulnerable and emotional. Not only does it keep us readers thoroughly immersed in the THIRDS universe - and damn, who doesn't love THAT - but it gives us an even deeper love and understanding of all of our favorite characters. THIRDS Beyond the Books : Volume 2 is a compilation of all these flash fiction vignettes and this volume is even better than the first. 
Beyond the Books Volume 2 is more comedic than the first book. (Who can ever forget the story of Cael getting marked for the first time?! STILL makes me sniff just thinking about it!) From seeing Dex and Sloane going grocery shopping to a Dorito/gummy bear war between Dex and Ash to Lou and Bradley’s first date to Calvin and Hobb’s first Valentine’s Day as a couple, this book has something for everyone. Lots of laughs, but there are plenty of feels and sweet moments, too.
Charlie’s special brand of writing these characters shines through and it’s more than obvious how much she loves all of them. There is so much warmth and joy and love, even in the parts that will punch you in the gut, and trust me when I say these little snippets will make you fall in love with all your favorite guys and girls from the THIRDS universe all over again. Make sure you do yourselves a huge favor and read this second volume of Beyond the Books. It just MIGHT making the wait for Seb and Hudson a teeny bit easier.

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  1. I've had this on pre-order from the time it became I'd go with this as being the one I'm looking forward!

  2. I'm looking forward to On Fire by Alicia Nordwell and Murmuration by TJ Klune.