Sunday, October 2, 2016

Promotional Post: Exes by Kade Boehme #Review #Giveaway

Author: Kade Boehme
Book: Exes
Self Published
Publication date: September 28, 2016
Length: 100 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Bryce and Wesley have been best friends for years and they've shared a lot. From dorms to the same women—and men. Bryce sees all the change happening around him, knows Wesley is getting fed up. They’ve been doing their dance of casually hooking up with one another and others since their college days.

Now they've transitioned from care-free early twenties, to their late twenties and life is settling down, Wesley wants more. If he can't, he doesn't know if he can stay. But Bryce has the responsibility of a family business that fell on his shoulders after a tragedy, and doesn’t want to hold Wesley back in his small hometown, especially if he doesn’t know if he can commit for the right reasons.

Others come and go but Wesley and Bryce have been each other's constant. Now that emotions run deeper, they have a huge decision to make. Do they go their separate ways, continue being best friends that eventually become exes, or do they take the next big step as a unit?


Anyone who followed the author's promo about this book saw that he told us this was a short, fluffy, sexy tale and that is exactly what Exes is. There's only a tiny undercurrent of angst at times, a really perfect balance.

I adore friends to lovers a great deal. Whether it's a dark path to the light of a pretty great happy one all the way through-which Exes is.

Bryce and Wesley are truly the best of friends. Opposites in many ways but similar in others. They communicate well... most of the time. They are established in their ways and I love that. There's not enough stories about building relationships on already sturdy foundations.

I also loved that they are friends with their exes. Like they go out with them, as a group. And they all pretty much dated each other. Makes me wonder if I had stayed friends with my exes would my life be way more different than it is now.

Exes is a quick read that is very entertaining and fun. A sweet romance.


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  1. I am friends with most of my ex'es

  2. I am friends with most of my ex'es

  3. I've lost contact with most if not all of my exes, especially since I changed countries since I married but, I stayed really good friends with one of them until he unfortunately died way too young.

  4. I have lost contact with all my exes. There was only one I would have liked to stay friends with since we were good friends before dating briefly.

  5. No not friends. Lost contact and never located again.

  6. I am friends with most of them... but for one of them who does not like me at all!

  7. My last ex was nearly forty years ago... so no ;)

  8. No exes. Married my first love.

  9. Facebook friends with some of my exes but not close friends.