Friday, October 7, 2016

Release Day Review: Surviving Elite High~ The Next Generation by John H. Ames #Review #Giveaway

Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation
John H. Ames
Series: Surviving Elite High #4
Genre: Young Adult, LGBT, Gay Romance
Imprint: Ai Press
Length: 74908 words, Novel
Release Date: October 7, 2016

Flame rating: 2 Flames – infrequent, light love scenes, mildly graphic

Reviewed by Meredith


Surviving Elite High fans, the wait is over! More romance, drama and mystery are unfolding at Elite High before the back-to-school bell has even rung!

Seventeen year old, blond-hair, blue-eyed and adorable Robbie Carroll, orphaned at a young age and mysteriously never adopted, has finally found his dream family. Nick Hawking and John Ames, now married, wealthy, and powerful, make Robbie their son, defying the young man’s past- one that Robbie himself has no memory of- that has scared all other prospective parents away. Now, Robbie has great parents and a hot brother, Nicky and beautiful sister, Lily, who take him into their midst and make him part of their tight circle of friends who all go to Elite High.

One of those friends is Tim Mercer, a gorgeous football player at Elite High. Tim’s dark looks and simmering eyes capture Robbie’s heart at first sight. But Robbie can’t be sure that Tim feels the same way, or even if he’s gay too. Moreover, even if Tim is available, there are some people around him who don’t want Robbie to get close to him, and will go to ANY lengths to keep him away. Why? What do they want with Tim? What is the secret that Tim is harboring? And who is that strange man in Robbie’s visions, who haunts his life and his dreams? Find out here!


I want to start off by saying that I had some issues with this book. But there were some positives and I’m going to talk about both here. 

On a positive note I liked the concept of this book. Seventeen year old finally getting adopted from an orphanage by a rich same sex couple. Has a great brother and sister now. Awesome family. It radiates happiness. I also loved that this was a standalone. Technically it’s book 4 but because it’s the next generation you don’t NEED to read 1-3. However if you want to know how Nick and John (The parents) came to be than yeah you probably want to read it.

I felt there was so much promise to this book. Interesting characters, and the ideas were sound. But the issues were beyond glaring. First, I want to talk about the writing. It was pedantic. The dialog was elementary. And there was far too much repetition. It made for a frustrating read. Often times the character would think something, then speak it out loud, then someone would ask the question and he’d answer again. This was a constant issue with the book. 

There’s a mystery to this story and I’m assuming there will be another book since the mystery is not at all solved. That was a bit unsettling. This is a very over the top dramatic book. The characters are in an Elite High School that is actually called Elite. The kids are all awful and I was really shocked that pretty much no adults intervened and if they did they disappeared.

Though I wasn’t a fan with how the author chose to deal with sex of teenagers or their sexuality I also respect that this was his book and his choice and of course we all have our own views. 

I wanted to love this book. From the blurb it sounded amazing. It really needs a lot of work with dialog, repetition, and filling some serious plot holes.


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