Sunday, October 23, 2016

Book of the Week: Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg #Review

Author: Barbara Elsborg
Book: Drawn In
Self Published
Publication date: October 17, 2016
Length: 336 pages


Undercover police officer Kell has crossed the line. He’s become trapped in an abusive relationship with his violent thug of a boss and sees no way back without wrecking months of work. The hope of ever being involved with someone who respects him seems a distant dream.

Private investigator Gethin is depressed that the bulk of his work involves following unfaithful partners. He knows just what it’s like to be cheated on. Even worse, his relationship with his ex is complicated and Gethin can see no way of breaking free of a guy who so desperately needs him.

A chance encounter brings Kell and Gethin together, entwining their lives with secrets and danger. They both have reasons to keep things casual. But there are consequences to zipless fucks. Not only do they have to survive people trying to kill them, they need to trust each other and keep their wits about them, while ensuring their hearts stay intact.


Just like all of Barbara’s books Drawn In had my emotions going through the wringer. WOW. This is a book that is filled with so much feeling it weighs heavy on your chest at times.
You know Kell is an undercover police officer from the blurb so I’m not giving anything away what the blurb doesn’t tell you is that Kell is the type of character that you read and want to rescue, hide in your pocket, and shoot anyone that even looks at him funny. He has an awful brother…. No really I think he’s the worst brother I’ve ever read. He is in undercover Hell with a mad man who abuses him in all ways and can do nothing about it.
Gethin is a PI hired to find a runaway 17 year old boy. He’s a loner, sort of, he has friends in Angel and Henry but his life is beyond complicated. He’s in a bad job, with horrible situations, guilt eats at him and when he meets Kell he has no idea their paths are not only going to cross but they will entwine.
I want to get feel-y right now. I don’t want to give away plot and summarize this book. Though it’s not a complicated book; Kell and Gethin are complex characters. Literally only these two could ever understand each other and not only give each other what they need, but lift each other because they know what darkness lurks in their memories.
There is a good level of suspense to this story. Not the action kind where there’s drive byes and car chases. But at any moment one of these guys are going to be caught and with how Barbara writes you also know if they are caught, it’s not going to be a slap on the face. Barbara can write deep into your soul, wrap around your heart and squeeze until you’re gasping for air.
Drawn In is a dark but hopeful story. A book that you won’t be able to put down. You will seek justice and you will get it. You will be forced to put yourself in Gethin’s shoes on a tough decision. You will ache for Kell in ways that will make you tremble.
This book is marvelous. Like all Barbara’s works she has left me breathless and with a good book hangover.

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