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Random Reviews... Double Review: Oliver& Jack by Christina Pilz ( Out in the World & On the Isle of Dogs) #review #Giveaway

Author: Christina Pilz
Book: Out in the World
Series: Oliver & Jack #4
Publisher: Blue Rain Press
Publication date: February 22, 2016
Length: 332 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


An orphan and his street thief companion escape the confines of a workhouse where they have been awaiting trial and travel through England in search of family and home.

After escaping Axminster workhouse, Oliver and Jack go to Hale to meet Jack's parents and sister. They then travel to Chertsey to visit Oliver's Uncle Harry and Aunt Rose. But family is not always what it seems, and the quest for connection can sometimes lead to disappointment.

Exploring taverns and river bends along the way, both young men are driven by the idea of what a family is. Oliver wants to find a home, both for himself and Jack, searching for the security of a past he once knew. However, for Jack, Oliver is all the family he needs, and the here and now is all he has ever known.

When the pressures of propriety and familial obligations threaten to divide them, and when even the slightest act of affection between them could get them arrested, can their love endure?


Historical romance is a touch and go for me. I find myself being very critical. If I don't know the time frame I'll look things up. Sometimes it's like a research project for me.I also had never read Christina Pilz before so there was that excitement of discovering a new author.

Christina's writing style was easy to follow and her grasp of writing historicals is not only good but actually enchanting. She nailed all the emotions  Oliver and Jack were going through.

This is a long story and there were times where is dragged a little, but there's a great level of suspense in Out in the World. Oliver and Jack are on the run desperate to find a place for themselves, reconcile and put ghosts to bed.

Out in the World was very entertaining, emotional, and foreboding at times; the way many gay historicals often are with the uncertainty of their love and society. Good read.

Author: Christina Pilz
Book: On the Isle of Dogs
Series: Oliver & Jack #5
Publisher: Blue Rain Press
Publication date: September 17, 2016
Length: 405 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


The love between an orphan and his street-thief companion is tested almost beyond endurance when they return to London and are hunted down by their darkest enemy.

After the cruel rejection from their families, Oliver and Jack brave the dangers they left behind to return to London and take up residence at the Three Cripples. The bedsit they share is small and riddled with bed bugs, but what does that matter when there is always cool beer on tap an
d the excitement and diversions of London are spread out before them?

While Jack returns to picking pockets, Oliver works in the tavern, serving beer and sweeping at the endless tide of dirt, struggling to retain what is left of his reputation, his dignity, and everything he ever thought he stood for. Amidst their happiness and plans for future contentment, Workmaster Chalenheim kidnaps them, assaults Jack, and leaves them both to die.

In the busy, noisy, crowded streets of London, where shadows hold secrets often too horrible to describe, can Oliver and Jack rebuild their shattered peace? Will their love for each other prove stronger than hate?


On the Isle of Dogs I found to be much darker than the book before. It was very depressing at parts. Granted these guys aren't in the best place in their lives when it starts out so that sets the tone of the book.

This book is also a very long book and normally I adore long novels but there were times in this story where it felt repetitive and sometimes one scene was over saturated. A few times I felt that a scene was longer than it needed to be where others were rushed and I wanted more of that moment.

Oliver and Jack are suffering. They live in a horrid place infested with bugs and other issues. Jack goes back to thieving and Oliver is a bartender. Both are trying to get by and survive. Oliver is really having a mental battle in his head. He's thirsty for self retribution.

When they are kidnapped it just adds to the layers upon layers of drama these two face. I even said, "Oh come on give these poor guys a break!" Jack is hurt and both men are left for dead. It was heartbreaking!

The author isn't kind to these boys. The writing style, again, was terrific I would say the other book was more my cup of tea.


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  1. First: These two books sounds like excellent stories!
    Second: Where has this Author been that I'd never heard of her?
    I need to GR her and see what the previous books are all about.
    What am I looking forward to this month? Well, I can't buy any books yet I'll be moving next month and need all the $$ I can save for that.
    Now, what books from my pile I'm looking forward to reading next? I'm almost finished with Louise Lyons Beyond The Scars. Next is Tara Lain's Knave of Broken Hearts.
    Much success to Ms Pilz!
    taina1959 @