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Release Day Review: Galen's Redemption by Parker WIlliams #Review #Giveaway

Title: Galen's Redemption
Series: Links in the Chain #2
Author: Parker Williams
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Publication Date: April 16, 2019
Length: 250 pages

Reviewed by Sammy


A Links In the Chain Story

A rich man is about to set foot into an unknown world, while a Good Samaritan fears he’ll have to close the charity he’s spent his life building. Poised to lose it all, they might find what they need most in each other.

Son of a wealthy importer, Galen Merriweather lives to broker deals, and he’s damn good at it. But it’s getting harder to ignore the kind of man his father is—a man who would pay Galen’s brother’s lover to leave… a man who’d demand Galen retrieve a quarter-million-dollar check from a struggling homeless shelter.

Robert Kotke knows the money is too good to be true, but it’s a godsend that could help so many people. Still, he hands it over when Galen shows up. But he isn’t done with Galen yet, and he’s going to challenge everything Galen ever believed.

Galen will face an impossible decision: the redemption he’s come to realize he wants, or the life he’d always dreamed of.

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Galen has spent his life pursuing his father’s approval. He has become a person that deep down revolts him nearly as much as his father’s behavior. But after years of having his brother being held up as the ideal and perfect son despite his being gay, Galen is not prepared for the day his father crosses a line he cannot stomach and his threat of resignation is met with nasty glee by the father he cannot please. Now with all he owns tied up by his father’s lawyers and his estranged brother rightfully hating him for the things he has done in the past, Galen finds himself unable to get a job and constantly tormented by the last deed he did at his father’s request—retrieve a check that could have meant the world to one man and the faltering homeless shelter he runs. But how does one make amends for so much wrongdoing? Galen sets out to discover the answer and, in doing so, opens up the closet he had been tied to and finds that he is not only a good man but one that can be loved if he will only give himself a chance.

Galen’s Redemption by Parker Williams is a very tender and sweet finding of self novel. I say finding of self primarily because that is what Galen actually does—he finds the man inside himself who has been begging to be free from the nastiness his father has immersed him in over the years. Dealing with a viciously callous parent is never easy but doing so while hiding your true self and always having to be better than the sibling who somehow managed to break free is a huge job. My heart just bled for Galen, who wore his guilt and anger like a second skin. When he felt someone--namely Robert, the owner of the shelter, really see him for who he was it frightened Galen even though it was something he yearned for secretly.

To be seen—to have someone recognize there was goodness inside him made Galen feel even more worthless while also giving him hope—and that terrified him. It’s  easier to live with the notion that you are worthless so that the pain of someone you’ve come to love figuring it out and leaving you doesn’t have the ability to tear you apart. The problem is Galen is really a good guy, he’s just never been shown he can be compassionate in business and still succeed. Instead he has been raised by callous and cruel parents who use others like disposable chattel—is it any wonder Galen has anger issues?

This novel has some incredibly tender and moving moments, such as when Robert’s family embraces Galen and shows him what family really can be like. The time spent in the shelter with the various clients also rings with such sincerity that it will make you want to go and volunteer in one as soon as possible. There were times when things felt a little unrealistic in terms of how quickly and easily many seemingly insurmountable problems got solved like the shelter’s nearly going under financially and the rather swift way Galen’s father got his due. However, that can’t take away from the fact that if you are looking for a romance that is hopeful and sweet then Galen’s Redemption will be the one to read.


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  1. I've already read Lincoln's Park and I can't wait to read Galen's story,too