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Random Review: Witchblood by Lissa Kasey #Review #Giveaway

Title: Witchblood
Author: Lissa Kasey
Self Published
Publication Date: March 8, 2019
Length: 368 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


Sebastian Volkov, a fox shifter raised among werewolves, ran from everything he ever loved after a brutal attack that left him fearing his own shadow. That night a single kiss saved his life and left him with fantasies of a man whose face he couldn’t remember. When Sebastian’s car breaks down in a small Washington town, he meets an Alpha werewolf who reminds him vaguely of a stranger’s kiss.

A year ago Liam Ulrich, Alpha of the Northern Cascade’s Pack, shared a magic filled kiss with a virtual stranger, the infamous Witchblood child of the most powerful werewolf in the world. Since that night, Liam has been waiting for Sebastian to find his way home. Liam knows that Sebastian doesn’t trust easily, or at all, so he’s going to have to give his prickly mate time and space.

The past Sebastian tried to escape still stalks him and slowing down gives it time to catch up.
When the werewolves’ ultimate enemy rises up to cast its shadow over them all, Sebastian realizes he will have to stop running or risk losing everything…. including his hope of a future with Liam.

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Sebastian is used to feeling as though nothing he will ever or be will ever be enough. Being the alpha’s son’s dirty side bit certainly was not going to help those feelings. Then there was the fact that the affair he had thought might end in a forever romance had turned violent to the point of regular beatings and occasional rape. No, Sebastian had nothing really to call his own except for his trailer and the garden he tended. Being witchborn and a fox shifter in a wolf pack added to Sebastian feeling much like the outsider he was. Still Sebastian clung to the hope that maybe somehow his life would change—little did he ever think that a brutal beating and rape would lead to him inadvertently calling out to his soul mate who could not resist answering the call.

Liam Ulrich was visiting the very pack Sebastian was a part of in order to finally meet the omega fox shifter. While there, Liam feels compelled to respond to the pull he feels tugging at his very soul. When the beaten and bloody man he discovers laying near the garden asks him for a kiss, he does so only to awaken hours later to discover him gone. Gone but definitely not forgotten. A year has passed and Liam is fully aware that the man he helped is his mate and none other than the very omega he had been invited to meet. Liam’s wolf wants its mate and Liam agrees—now if only he can convince Sebastian to give them a chance.

After a writing hiatus, author Lissa Kasey is back and I could not be more thrilled. I have loved this author’s work since she began writing and her new novel, Witchblood not only signals a rebirth, of sorts, of her creating marvelous stories it also indicates the beginning of a new series. Be still, my heart!

Once again incredibly rich and well thought out characters grace the pages of this author’s new novel. As usual these are flawed men who have endured their fair share of pain in the past but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In fact, I don’t think Liam could be gentler, loving and patient when it comes to getting what he has always dreamed of—a soul mate who he can share his life and his pack with. Liam bides his time with Sebastian, never pushing yet always honest in his feelings for the skittish omega. Sebastian, on the other hand, is poised to run and only the faint hope that somehow Liam and his intentions are real and lasting keeps him in place. But the pack he left, and, in particular, Felix, the alpha’s son is a present and real danger to Sebastian. He can’t go back to that life—one where he was used and tossed aside only to be used again by Felix. Liam offers safety, a home, love and Sebastian so desperately wants to have that.

Lissa Kasey does wounded characters like no other author I have read. She delves deep into the pain which makes her men strong and resilient and never shies away from making sure the audience is aware of what her heroes have endured. Yet there is never a moment when past abuse is rolled out in the story in order to titillate or garner reaction from the reader, Instead those dark moments are used to help us understand where her characters have been and what has shaped their responses to the action that unfolds around them.  I loved Sebastian—his honesty, his fears, and his determination to finally be independent of a life that was never of his choosing and that beat him down mentally and physically. The quietly patient Liam was a perfect foil for the witchborn Sebastian and I sincerely hope we get to see more of both of them in the next novel in this series.

The author leaves a few dangling plot points behind at the end of this novel—no cliffhangers rather a few characters who either disappeared or suddenly appeared by story’s end. Little Nicky comes to mind here as does the new guy down at the mechanics shop—both are sure to be addressed in future installments if I know this author. I think the only bit of the novel that didn’t quite work for me had to be the trip to Underhill. It was a bit of a stretch for me to understand exactly what was going on there and I felt it broke the flow and pacing of the novel. Other than that small section, this novel really moved and the suspense and tension the author created with Sebastian feeling hunted and stalked by Felix was so very well done and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I am so happy this author is writing again. Witchblood is a captivating look into a whole new fantasy world. I look forward to reading more about this world Lissa Kasey has created.


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