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Random Review: Trusting Him by L.M. Somerton #Review #Giveaway

Title: Trusting Him
Series: The Retreat #2
Author: L.M. Somerton
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication Date: April 9, 2019
Length: 226 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


Trust is hard earned and all too easy to lose.

Luke Redding’s military background is an asset when it comes to managing The Retreat, but it hasn’t helped him find the submissive he longs for. A secluded life in the New Forest, witnessing a stream of happy couples playing out their fantasies, doesn’t provide much opportunity to develop a relationship either. When a friend’s manipulations lead to him taking on silver-haired Skye as a trainee sub, Luke finds it hard to trust in his own ability to provide the guidance Skye needs.

Skye Ingham wants to explore his submissive nature but the noise and crowds at The Underground are overwhelming. He can’t believe his luck to be taken under Luke’s wing and offered a job at The Retreat. As Luke tests his boundaries, Skye trusts him implicitly, but how can he convince his new Dominant to have faith in himself?

Amid the bustle and excitement of a big house party at The Retreat, Luke and Skye edge their way towards a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and desires. But it will take a final leap of faith to secure their future and open a path to love.

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Skye Ingham knows in his heart he is a submissive; he’s just unsure as to what kind of sub he will make. He often avoids crowds and too much interaction with other people in even a small group setting leaves him unsettled and uneasy. But when he is given the chance to serve at The Retreat and be trained as a submissive under the hands of the confident and commanding dominant Luke Redding, Skye only knows that his mind and heart settle immediately when he is given orders to follow by the older man.

Luke, an ex-military man, has been running The Retreat, a get-away location for dominants and their subs, and enjoys the job. However, Luke has been missing the one thing he knows will make his life complete, a submissive to take care of and guide. When he meets Skye something clicks into place and while Luke becomes aware that he must be more observant when it comes to Skye, he also knows he can’t stop at just training the young man for another dom—not when he wants him all for himself.

L. M. Somerton offers up the second installment in her Retreat series entitled, Trusting Him. While you may want to read the first in this series, I can tell you that this can easily be read as a standalone novel and I think it will resonate with fans of the BDSM genre. From chastity cages to blindfolds and restraints this novel almost reads like a BDSM 101 course on how to train a submissive the right way. With particular attention paid to consent and mutual partnership, the author weaves a sweet romance between a lonely dom and a needy submissive.

Skye needs centering in order to learn how to calm the nervous energy and worry that often consume him and leave him rattled. Luke, with his quiet air of authority, is just the right mix of dominant and caring lover that the quiet Skye needs. What begins as a training relationship only quickly morphs into something more—perhaps a bit too quickly, if I’m honest. Like many BDSM novels the insta-love trope is used and pulled out way too soon, leaving the story nowhere to go emotionally other than to focus on the trust issue which, in this case, didn’t seem like to much of an insurmountable problem to me. In fact that is perhaps my one quibble with this story—the idea that the emotional arc happened almost right away and had nowhere to go making the story a bit flat rather than building some tension between the two main characters that the author could later resolve.

However, if you are looking for a sensual BDSM relationship I think Trusting Him can be considered a solid hit. While there may be little guesswork involved as to whether these two men will be a successful D/s pairing, their story is still enjoyable and entertaining,


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