Sunday, April 14, 2019

Random Review: The Key Of Solomon: Amber Moon by Hurri Cosmo #Review #Giveaway

Title: The Key Of Solomon
Series: Amber Moon #1
Author: Hurri Cosmo
Publication Date: August 15, 2018
Length: 62 pages 

Reviewed by Truus


Lucas has a low-paying, dead-end job, lives in a tiny apartment, and can count his close friends on one hand. Well, one finger actually, and for all the sympathy she has, it may as well be the middle one. No, Lucas’s life is not one any would truly strive for. However, it keeps him from thinking too much about his distant past and the one man who had gently held his heart… but then ripped it right out of his chest and crushed it under his expensive leather Gucci’s. As a teenager not even out of the closet yet, surviving the fallout became unbearable so Lucas did the only thing he could. He disappeared.

Fourteen painful years later and Lucas is ready to move on. He’s going to finally kill his unrequited love for Ryder once and for all.

That’s when the magic of Solomon and his galactic bar sweep in. Seems Lucas had the audacity to query the gods in the form of a fist to the sky. The cosmic bartender couldn’t resist taking up the challenge. Mainly because Solomon holds many keys and one of them just happens to be to Lucas’s happiness. He only needs to convince Lucas of that.

Shouldn’t be too difficult… right?


Oh dear, some tales are going straight to the heart. This one was so delightful!

After fourteen years, Lucas is at the point to let his lost love go. He has to make a new start.
All those years ago he was secretly in love with Ryder. As an outsider, Lucas has only his pencils and sketch books, one full of beautiful art of a beautiful boy.
When his secret sketch book is made public by a jealous girl, his whole world falls apart, hell breaks loose and at the end, he disappeared and never touched a pencil again.

Now he is standing in an art studio and he is overwhelmed by a strange feeling. When the owner approaches him, the man speaks in riddles and tells him he must attend again exactly at ten o’clock in the evening.

What follows are some amazing inexplicable events, magic, unbelievable turns, and for Lucas his --up to now-- lonely future has an emotional reunion.

A dear story with the best happiness, sweetness, and sexiness. Full of endearing magical moments. For this story it was just right and developed well.
It was written in an enchanting way, the scenery covered under a layer of fairy dust.
I couldn’t get enough of this fantastic captivating tale!


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