Thursday, March 7, 2019

Random Review: Outlaw Girls by Miss. Merikan #Review #Giveaway

Author: Miss. Merikan
Title: Outlaw Girls
Self Published
Publication Date: February 10, 2019
Length: 170 pages

Reviewed by Racheal


--- When a match meets gasoline. ---

Mona. Mafia princess. Rebellious Italian beauty. Runaway bride.
Rain. Motorcycle club president’s daughter. Androgynous biker goddess.

After her sister was forced into an arranged marriage, Mona vowed she would never suffer the same fate. She would do whatever she had to, even set the church on fire, catch the first bus to nowhere without a dollar in her pocket while still wearing her wedding dress.

Away from her controlling family, Mona intends to fight for her financial independence on the stripping pole at the Smoke Valley Motorcycle Club. Her plan is to earn enough cash for further travels, but once she gets closer to Rain, and becomes more comfortable on the back of her bike than she ever was in the world of privilege, staying in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada no longer sounds so bad.

Rain doesn’t do girlfriends. Her biker lifestyle means secrecy and unsavory deeds no girl she’s met would roll with. Her only goal is to smash the glass ceiling of her family-run biker gang and become the first female member. She does do flings though, and the Italian beauty who crashes her birthday party is perfect for one of those.

But Mona sticks around. Rain can’t stay away, and all rules go out the window when Rain finds out Mona is the runaway daughter of a mafioso. Maybe she could just be the kind of woman who understands living outside the law

When the mafia comes after Mona, Rain has to choose between loyalty to the club and the woman of her dreams. One thing is certain - there will be no escape without mayhem.


Hell yes!! I love MC books! This one definitely didn't disappoint me! Miss Merikan absolutely brought her "A" game with Outlaw Girls!

There is nothing hotter than a wealthy Italian princess that finally has had enough of her family's male chauvinists attitude towards women. Mona is determined not to be married off as a bargaining chip; so she sets fire to the church and flees. Leaving behind a life of privilege into the unknown without a cent to her name. Finally, dropped off basically in the middle of nowhere, miles away from Reno, she stumbles into a bar, and is mistaken for someone else.

Rain loves the fact that she has been raised in a biker family. Loves the freedom of riding her bike, hanging with her brothers, family and non family, in the club. Busting her butt twice as hard at times just to prove that she deserves to wear a cut like all the males. Rain knows that being a woman, she is looked down to a lot. Yet she is determined to prove them all wrong and truly become the first woman to wear their cut. All that is set aside when they all come together and give her the best birthday night. 

What turned into a big misunderstanding ends up with Mona in bed with Rain. Two women from two different worlds finding they have a lot in common and it's not just under the sheets!


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