Thursday, March 28, 2019

Random Review: Modern Gladiator by S.A. Stovall #Review #Giveaway

Title: Modern Gladiator
Author: S.A. Stovall
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Publication Date: March 26, 2019
Length: 250 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


A prim and proper aspiring doctor and a destitute martial artist—both with hurts to comfort. Each with just the cure the other needs.

Corbin Friel hates mindless sports, especially fighting and boxing. As a medical student, he wants to help others, not watch them beat each other senseless. But his sister, Lala, can’t get enough of rough-and-tumble sporting events, and she drags her brother along whenever she can.

Keon Lynch doesn’t have much going for him. He’s broke, he lives alone in a new state, and he’s estranged from his family. But at least he has his dream—becoming a professional UFC fighter. Keon trains every day, and if he can just score a few more wins, he’ll get his ticket into the ranks of professional competitors.

But an unexplained pain jeopardizes Keon’s dream. During a backstage meet-and-greet, Corbin recognizes the telltale signs of a bone infection, which could cost Keon his leg. Unable to ignore Keon’s situation, Corbin begrudgingly decides to help. And while he gets to know Keon, finding him more desirable with each interaction, Corbin’s ex-boyfriend isn’t pleased with the development….

And he’s determined to keep Corbin for himself, no matter what.

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I thought this would be a fun opposites attract story and it is but it’s also so much more.

We have Corbin Friel, a med student who seems to live by rules and schedules. We also have Keon Lynch, a man who lives by his fists. These two seem to be so far apart that they come from different worlds.
 I could list all the ways they’re different, but I want to focus on how they’re the same. They are lonely and at first glance, Keon seems to be the loneliest, you look a bit deeper and you can really feel the depth of Corbin’s loneliness. Corbin “Bin-Bin” reminds me of someone standing in the middle of a crowd screaming and one hears him. Each man has strength, integrity and the burning desire to make it in their prospective fields.
 After an auspicious first meeting leads to Keon needing Corbin’s help and his discretion, things take a turn for these two. Imagine two men who have had laser focus on one thing in each of their lives finally focusing on each other? I loved it!! Throw in an ex who doesn’t believe he is an ex and we’ve got a great book. This book is full of humor, heart, friendship, heat, action, and some intrigue...all the things I love in a book. I love seeing two characters that shouldn’t necessarily work make me believe they are in it for the long haul. We also get LaLa, Corbin’s sister and Derek, Keon’s fellow fighter, friend and military buddy and things get even better. This was a great book with all the feels and one that was very well researched. The sports and medical dialogue and scenes come across very authentic and ring true. I have a true appreciation for an author that does their research and was not disappointed here! 

This is my first S.A. Stovall book, but I will be rectifying that soon enough!

Loved the action, the crazy ex and all the feels. Such a good and entertaining book!


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