Thursday, March 21, 2019

Random Review: Cowboy Seeks Husband by Leta Blake & Indra Vaughn #Review #Giveaway

Authors: Leta Blake & Indra Vaughn
Title: Cowboy Seeks Husband 
Self Published
Publication Date: February 26, 2019
Length: 283 pages 

Reviewed by Racheal


Walker Reed's Louisiana cattle ranch is in debt after costly repairs from hurricane damage. To get the money, his family schemes to make Walker the star of a new bachelor reality series: Queer Seeks Spouse.. How hard can it be to fake interest in a dozen handsome men for a few weeks in exchange for enough money to solve all of his problems?

Roan Carmichael never got his Masters degree after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. With medical bills piling up, and a costly experimental treatment available, Roan signs on to be a suitor on Queer Seeks Spouse. While he hates having to leave his sick mother long enough to win the cash for her treatment, he's willing to do whatever it takes.

Can two men who are just in it for the money fake their way into real and lasting love? Cowboy Seeks Husband, the latest book by Vespertine authors Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn, features a cowboy, a hipster, opposites attract, steamy scenes, and heart tugging moments that will leave you wanting more.


Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn totally had me hanging by the edge of bed reading Cowboy Seeks Husband.

I personally can say that I do not like any shows where one goes on claiming to look for love. Yes, I am that lady that has NEVER watched the Bachelor and only once watched the Bachelorette. Sorry, I just can't wrap my head around catty women and desperate men trying to act like they fell in love with these people in a matter of weeks. 

That's why I had a thrill when I read this book! It was as if I was getting a sneak peek at what probably was behind all those crazy reality love shows. Between the overbearing creator to the snippy producers, and the whiny and jilted contestants; it was definitely entertaining to read how they would view a reality love connection show. 

From the very beginning you know that the Cowboy they picked was not very keen on the idea of having his farm surrounded by all these Hollywood type people. Then the idea of having to pretend to like guys he has never meet and who probably didn't know a thing about farm life. Walker was definitely my kind of Cowboy! Kind, sweet, tall, sexy those two didn't play around when it came to writing their cowboy!

Roan is just in it for the money! No way a city boy like him would ever dare think about living on a farm! Especially, in Louisiana! Between the bugs, spiders, and snakes and that's just a few things that come to mind! Wow! His character had me in stitches laughing so hard at his antics during the taping. 

What I absolutely loved most about this book, it just didn't focus on the sham of the reality love connection, it gave you an insight on two men who, for all intents and purposes, probably would have never crossed paths had it not been for the show. Not only that, but they refused to let it dictate their feelings!! Holy moly the sexual tension was nothing compared to the explosive sex!!!!


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