Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Random Review: Ostakis by Angelica Primm #Review #Giveaway

Author: Angelica Primm
Title: Ostakis
Publisher: NineStar Press
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Publication Date: February 18, 2019
Length: 52,000 words

Reviewed by Truus


The Human Planets Collective sent young Ambassador Kaj Deder to the former colony planet Ostakis to establish relations. Without trade with the HPC, the dwindling resources of Ostakis will ultimately end human life on the planet. But his mission faces a huge obstacle in the form of Most Reverend Thyenn Sharr, the head of the Faith Progressive Church, who sees Kaj's arrival as the beginning of the end of the Church. Kaj’s powerful attraction to Trademaster Klath’s son, Arlan does not smooth relations.

Arlan Klath, the son of the Trademaster of Ostakis, bears in his body the secret that the pious people of his planet want to hide. Born Cursed and inherently sinful, Arlan lives without legal rights or property. It enrages Thyenn Sharr Arlan’s father defiantly refuses to submit his son to a cruel act to "redeem” Arlan’s soul. The stakes ratchet when Arlan and Kaj form a relationship Thyenn Sharr considers ample justification to usurp the Trademaster position through the legal power of his Church.

Can Kaj navigate the treacherous currents of Ostakian politics and religion to save these human descendants of Earth? And must he chose between Arlan or his mission to do so?

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Sci-Fi fantasy stories always give me a humble feeling. They make me feel aware of the infinity of the universe and how small and void we are.
Kaj Deder, ambassador of planet Earth, is sent by the Human Planets Collective, to planet Ostakis, a former colony planet. Ostakis runs out of resources which will ultimately end the human life on that planet. Kaj has to make a business of trading sources to prevent this.
Not everyone on this planet welcomes Kaj, The Most Reverend Thyenn Sharr, the high priest of the (very conservative) Faith Progressive Church certainly does not. He wants all the power and present their nation as the purest, in other words he only accepts two genders and one kind of connection, all others are cursed and will be denied.
Arlan Klath is the son of Aulkus Klath, the Trademaster of Ostakis. He is one of the Cursed.
When Arlan turns into heat he has only eyes for one man as ‘mine’.
Arlan’s wonderful father gets arrested by the Church, for protecting a Cursed one and now Kaj has to protect Arlan and rescue Aulkus Klath.
Thyenn Sharr, hateful as he is has vicious plans for the whole Klath house.
First I went to the glossary of Characters and Terms, for me this is necessary because I’m a mess with unusual names and titles. This was clarifying so I was quickly into this story.

It was a charming read even with the sharp parts. The main characters were engaging and they interacted with an appealing light sensual flow.

This journey had a good portion of thrill and angst but also a lot of love and true kindness.
The whole scenery was attractive and all the various characters well developed.
A sci-fi fantasy story just how I like them!


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