Sunday, August 13, 2017

Release Day Review: Still Your Guy by Devon McCormack #Review #Giveaway

Author: Devon McCormack
Book: Still Your Guy
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer
Photographer: Allan Spiers
Release Date: August 13, 2017
Length: 312 pages (Paperback)

Reviewed by Jenn


Chase Rogan and Mason Finley fell in love as kids and had their happily-ever-after at eighteen…or so they thought.


Over a decade after his estrangement from his ex, Chase returns to Finley Dairy to celebrate Mason’s sister’s engagement. But being back at the place where his fondest memories are—the place where he and Mason laughed, played, and loved—quickly ropes Chase back into those feelings all over again, reminding him of the flame he could never extinguish.


Despite his attempts at getting over Chase, Mason still can’t move on—not from the greatest love he’s ever known. When Chase comes back to the dairy, all those old feelings return, as powerful as ever. A wavering hope strengthens, making him believe that maybe…just maybe…they can find a way to put the past behind them and create a future together. But it isn’t easy, and every time he pushes, Chase pulls away. As much as Mason wants it to work, if it doesn’t, what’s he supposed to do?

How can you move on when—even after all the years—you know in your heart, he’s still your guy?


Sometimes love just isn't enough... For Chase, Rogan, and Mason Finley, loving each other isn't the problem. Finding a way to fit that love into two very different lives is the part they're having trouble with.
Chase and Mason met as children and quickly became  best friends. That friendship grows into a very real love, the type of love that can last a lifetime. 

Chase Rogan is living the dream, he has a great job, a beautiful home, a sexy car. Chase has everything he worked so hard in life to have, everything except his husband. Chase is coming to the Finley Dairy , the only home he's really ever known for his ex's sisters engagement. Chase will have to face Mason Finley, the man he left behind over a decade ago. Seeing Mason again reminds Chase of all the love they shared, love that has never died. All the reasons Chase left are still there, but so are all the memories, the attraction, the love. No matter how much distance and time he has put between himself and Mason, he can't escape those feelings.

Mason Finley has tried to put Chase and the past behind him, he really has. He and Chase were just kids when they fell in love, so how come he can't let go? Chase is back and this time it's not a quick weekend visit where he and Mason can just ignore each other. This time they talk about the past and try to understand the hurt...maybe even try to forgive. As the two men spend time together, all those old feelings arise, along with Mason's hope for  a second chance. As Mason begins to push for more, Chase begins to pull away. Along with the old feelings, comes the old fears. Will Mason be able to convince Chase that he is still his guy?

I loved this book, I think it is Devon McCormack's best work to date. I spent almost the whole book with either goosebumps or tears. There is a depth and a rawness in these characters and this story that breaks my heart with its beauty. This book asks the question of "is love enough?" The answer isn't always simple or painless, but the love is worth it. This is most definitely a 5 star book for me! 

*This book was given to Jenn by the author for an honest review*


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  1. I have so many favourites it's impossible to choose one. There are authors that I will buy regardless of subject or trope and I love series books. Such as The THIRDS. Red Dirt Heart. Texas. Heaven Sent. Marshalls. Sinners Gin. The McGinnis series and so on and so on..