Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Release Day Review: Flying With The Stars by Sarah Masters #Review #Giveaway

Author: Sarah Masters
Book: Flying With The Stars
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: August 8, 2017
Length: 44 pages

Reviewed by Michael


Not every superhero needs a cape!

Hello. My name is James and I’ve just got over a break-up with the awful Gareth, who left me for a man who has nipples the size of cigar stubs. How’s that for a bash to my self-esteem? Gareth did me a favor, though, and now it’s time to go after the man I really love, but first I need to crash out of my morose shell and go clubbing.

After I bump into my crush—ahem, neighbor—Ronnie, and find myself babbling stupid things while ogling him as he stands in his doorway wrapped in nothing but a towel, I begin to wonder whether true love will ever come my way if I keep acting so amateurish in the relationship department. But Ronnie accepts my invitation to join me at the club, and what happens afterward both amazes and freaks me the hell out. The man of my dreams is like no other, and he might well need me as his sidekick in the future if things keep going the way they are.

With a nasty thug to deal with and a robber stealing a woman’s handbag, Ronnie has to let his inner force free and right the wrongs. Can I handle this new life? And more to the point, can Ronnie? Who needs a cape and a mask when Ronnie has power at his fingertips and a brilliant ability to whisk us here, there and everywhere so we’re flying with the stars?

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It’s not that often that I’m pleasantly surprised by a short story.  I was with this one.  This is a romance, pure and simple. 
James and Ronnie have been neighbors for a while.  They may have been attracted to each other, but circumstances have always gotten in the way of them becoming anything more than neighborly.  Ronnie has tried, creating excuses like needing to borrow sugar that he didn’t need. 
James has been in a funk since the break-up with his boyfriend, and decides to go to the bar.  On his out of the apartment building, he runs into Ronnie, and invites him along.  Originally declining, Ronnie changes his mind and follows James to the bar.  This being romance, things don’t go as either of them had anticipated.
Oh, yeah, did I mention that Ronnie has some really cool super-powers, ones he doesn’t really understand? No.  Well, that’s kind of the point. 
This story is more about the beginnings of a new relationship, one that both have wanted for a long time.
It’s also about acceptance.  Of the things we don’t understand.  Of the things that may scare us, but we hang in anyway because the end result may be so much more valuable.


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  1. Like types? I'll pretty much try anything paranormal, contemporary and all all sub-genres I need a reason ;) book wise? Heaven sent series ....and as I think most of my top picks are actually contremproary, lol

    Love Sarah Masters books!

  2. Faves. aren't easy to list which is why I do a daily post over on my fb page Judge a Book by its Gay Cover. It's fun getting a response to what I post.