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Random Review: His Baby To Save by Kiki Burrelli #Review #Giveaway

Author: Kiki Burrelli
Book: His Baby To Save
Series: The Den #2
Self Published
Publication date: June 7, 2017
Length: 140 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


"It hurts everywhere. Please, touch me."
Young wolf shifter Caleb didn’t expect to be fighting for his life while protecting a group of cubs he escorted up the mountain on a morale-building exercise but that’s what happened. And he would have died if it wasn’t for gorgeous alpha mountain man, Asher. He is thankful for the man’s help, but any further gratitude dies on his lips when the man informs him in no uncertain terms that Caleb belongs to him and will stay by his side. Caleb could try to escape and hobble his way back to his pack, except, his body and especially his inner wolf don’t want to go anywhere Asher isn’t. The lone wolf can light a fire in Caleb in a way that he has never experienced.

“They left you up here and it is for the best because the forest has given you to me. You're mine."
Asher has been alone for most of his life but when Caleb steps foot on his mountain, he senses his mate immediately. He knows his mate is a gift and will stop at nothing to claim him. Finding him and protecting him is easy enough. It is convincing the younger shifter he is his that is a challenge. Asher can be patient though, especially if the end goal is showing Caleb how good their lives could be together.

The forest may be Asher’s home, but it is also a dangerous place and if Asher wants his life with his mate, he’ll have to save him first.
His Baby to Save is the second book in The Den series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone. His Baby to Save contains hilarious moments that could cause you to laugh at inappropriate times as well as sexy moments that may steam up your sunglasses. Stay hydrated.


His Baby To Save is book two in Kiki Burrelli’s The Den series. We are focusing on Caleb and a new guy, Archer. I saw a bit of Caleb in book one so I was somewhat familiar with him. I hoped he found the happiness that he so much wanted. Though we never really heard from him in that book, you could just tell. It was some good foreshadowing from the author.

Archer is an enigma at first. We don’t know his story or why he does what he does or thinks how he does. We get it’s been a long time since he really talked to many humans or anyone for that matter. But the why sort of eats at you for a bit.

In a shifter story, it’s one of the only times two things work for me. Insta-love and strong possession. When I say strong possession I mean when a character basically tells their partner they can or can’t do something. Basically, he’s almost part parent. Only in shifter books have I ever really understood it and it’s because of the animal element.

Asher doesn’t want Caleb to ever leave the mountain. He wants him to stay with him forever and that’s just that. Now, Caleb isn’t at all a pushover. He gives as good as he gets with Asher and that was nice to see. He wasn’t blind to how things work. It’s good Caleb is a shifter; I don’t know this would have worked as well if he’d been human.

I liked this story. It was entertaining and the sex was super-hot. I didn’t feel like Caleb and Asher had bad chemistry and I loved the wild wolves. There was even good action with the wolves and the coyotes. Something, however, felt amiss. I think because there wasn’t real closure with the coyotes and I think that’s maybe because this is an ongoing storyline. Therefore, I won’t pass judgment on that and will read the next book in this series to see if things start to come full circle.

I am enjoying this series.


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