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Title: Crimson Storm (Book Three in The Crimson Nights Saga)
Authors: V.L. Moon and J.T. Cheyanne
Genre/s: Gay, Romance, Paranormal
Length: 155K/658 Kindle pages
ISBN:  978-0-9899725-6-7


As their allies grow and their circle of friends discovers true love, their enemies advance.
Shadows watch, waiting in the distance as an age old power threatens to reveal the secrets of a past steeped in sorrow.
War is upon them and with its advance comes a force of unity bound by love and sealed by blood.
Together, Malachi and Laziel fight to protect those they hold close.
When Rome trembles and the bowels of Hell spew forth its spawn, the wolves and the rogue Nephilim join forces with Malachi Denali and his vampires to fight against evil and tip the scales in favor of the just.
Fractions divide, lives lay in ruin. Is the call of the wild their only hope of survival?
Or will Rome finally fall under the weight of an angel’s untold grief?
Read on to assuage your thirst as the Crimson Nights Saga continues.

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Rhys stared down at the angel he’d thought dead. Having the male in his arms rocked his
world off of its axis. But, the kiss hadn’t been the kiss he remembered, or one he wanted.
Something sinister lurked beneath the contact between them; something that had never been
there before.
“What happened to you? Who did this?” Demands more than questions. Rhys struggled to
contain the fury coursing through his veins. He’d felt the transference of power from his lips
to Arial. He sensed the demon essence circulating through Arial’s veins. Rhys’ eyes narrowed suspiciously. It hadn’t been punishment enough to separate them and take his wings.
Something else had been done to his male.
“Answer me, damn you. What has your celestial father done to you?”
Arial sneered at him and shook off his touch. Rhys would not be dissuaded so easily. He’d
believed his angelic lover lost to him; believed him dead. Arial would not slip from him again.
No one, not his father or Lucifer, would force them apart. Not again.
Rhys stepped forward, bringing them chest to chest. A thick arm wrapped around Arial’s
waist while avoiding the ragged appendages extending from the angel’s back. He jerked Arial
off of his feet and back into his arms. Arial’s scent drilled into his senses. The familiar slide of muscled flesh against him fueled his demonic nature. His cock ached. It took supreme effort to ignore the lust spiking through his system.
“I asked you a question, and I want an answer.”
“You know the deal,” Arial snarled. “Shit in one, want in the other. I can guarantee which
will get full the fastest.”

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Meet the Authors

Multi-genre romance and fiction writing duo V.L Moon and J.T Cheyanne span a continental divide to bring together their love, support, and admiration for the LGBT communities they belong to. With their ever growing families’ support, they make the most of what little time they have to write the love, angst, and turmoil that hopefully reflects the struggle that is, modern day life.

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