Friday, August 25, 2017

Release Day Review: Pins and Needles by A.J. Thomas #Review #Giveaway

Author: A.J. Thomas
Book: Pins and Needles
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Jennifer Vance
Publication date: August 25, 2017
Length: 300 pages

Reviewed by Erin


The truth is rarely seen on the surface, and getting to it might mean digging deep….

After a devastating accident and a long stay in the hospital, the last thing petroleum engineer Sean Wilkinson wants to deal with is the settlement the oil company tries to force on him. He’ll never be able to work in his field again, his education is all but useless, and his surgeons are pessimistic about whether he’ll ever walk again. He needs someone in his corner, but most lawyers take one look at his tattoo-covered foster father and turn their backs. It’s just Sean’s luck that the one attorney willing to give him a chance is also the hottest guy he’s ever seen.

As a trial lawyer, Nate Delany has a lot to prove—to his father, the world, and himself. Sean intrigues Nate, and he struggles to reconcile the gifted tattoo artist he can’t stop fantasizing about with the quiet, brilliant engineer. His investigation reveals facts left out of the accident report—including an illicit affair, greedy coworkers, and a vicious corporation that will do anything to protect its bottom line. When Sean’s life is threatened, winning Sean’s case, and his heart, becomes a lot more dangerous.

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One of my favorite things as a reader (and a reviewer) is when a book totally surprises you in all the best ways. I really didn't know what to expect when I started Pins and Needles by A.J. Thomas. I'd read her book Sex and Sourdough years ago so this isn't a new to me author, and the blurb had me totally intrigued so I dived in. I'm so glad I did! What I got was a fantastic romance, characters that were so real and wonderful, and a plot that had me completely enthralled. I read so much that's it's not often I find something new and different, but I sure did find that in Pins and Needles

So, what's different you ask? Well, first, Sean. This guy is something else. He's a genius, he's a petroleum engineer, he's a tattoo artist, he loves heavy metal and he's recently had his leg amputated due to a freak, horrible accident aboard an oil rig. Interested yet? Well, let's see if I can add a little more. Not only is Sean Wilkinson all of what I just mentioned, he's also charming as all get out, sassy, and endearingly vulnerable. His pseudo father, Hawk, is pretty great, too, and when they need a lawyer, it's lucky for them that Nate Delany just so happens to need clients. Nate's been working his fingers to the bone at his father's law firm trying to impress him and the other partners and show he's ready to take on cases of his own. When he's overlooked, again, and downright lied about, Nate's had enough and goes out on his own. 

Sean needs help. The oil company he works for isn't willing to pay for the damages they're liable for and what ensues is a thoroughly engrossing and captivating court case worthy of a John Grisham novel. The facts of the case, the invention that Sean developed, all of it was just utterly fascinating and Thomas does an incredible job of giving the reader all they need to know to follow along without overwhelming or making the terms and technical language too wordy. In the midst of the intrigue, we have two guys who are so completely different from one another slowly but surely becoming the best of friends and then of course lovers. It's not the easiest road. Sean is struggling to overcome his injuries and the physical therapy is painful, intense, and physically and emotionally draining. Nate, for his part, is so smitten by Sean, but realizes that not only is there a pretty big conflict of interest since he's Sean's lawyer, but he doesn't want to take advantage of Sean's vulnerable state. The push and pull makes total sense here, and once these two realize their feelings are real, well, it'll melt your heart. 

There's so much to Pins and Needles. Suspense, romance, family, friendship, and some really fantastic chemistry between Sean and Nate. I read this in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. I am keeping all my fingers crossed that there might be another book with Sean and Nate because I need more of them. You will, too, once you read so make sure you check it out!


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  1. Looking forward to reading this book ... great post ... love reading LGBTQ books all the time.