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Release Day Review: The Valentine's Day Resolution by Ava Hayden #Review #Giveaway

Author: Ava Hayden
Book: The Valentine's Day Resolution
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza
Publication Date: August 2, 2017
Length: 140 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Huxley carries invisible scars from a near-fatal car accident. He sleepwalks through a job at his father’s company, marking time until he can quit and pursue his own dreams.

Everything changes the moment he makes eye contact with a stranger while riding to work. It’s as if he’s been shaken out of his stupor, and Huxley vows to find the man.

Thanks to a thieving ex-lover, Paul’s florist shop is on the brink of closing down. He needs to milk Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth—and the irony that a day dedicated to love might help undo the damage of a failed relationship is not lost on him.

When Huxley finds Paul at his shop, both men feel an instant attraction. Before long, they’re falling hard, but Huxley holds back. If Paul knew all the baggage he’s carrying, he might run.

Paul’s gut tells him Huxley is hiding something. Huxley looks like a keeper, but Paul can’t go through another disastrous romance.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, will they have anything to celebrate?

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Oh this was a just a really lovely, charming book! I was in the mood for something short and sweet and I got that with The Valentine's Day Resolution by Ava Hayden. Yeah, I know it's July not February, but really, it's always a good time for love. Sorry, couldn't resist, but really, this book was just all kinds of good. Two characters who I was really rooting for, secondary characters that were funny and added a lot to the story, and a romance that's worthy of Valentine's Day. 

Huxley Herrington is going through the motions, day after day, working at a job that he feels like is a chore rather than a joy. The only person he really talks to every day is his driver, Bishop, and occasionally his sister. Oh, but he does talk to his therapist regularly. He needs to because he suffers from some pretty severe and debilitating PTSD resulting from a car accident which killed his mother and left him unable to drive. Even sitting in the back seat as he's driven to and from work every day is an ordeal. His father seems to be holding his trust fund hostage so for the time being he's stuck working for his father and being in charge of their supermarkets, Oilton Foods. It's a job that he doesn't enjoy and he does as little as possible that he can get away with. Until one day he sees a man, just for the briefest of moments, and things begin to change.

Paul Vandenberg owns the flower shop, Floribunda. It's been in his family all his life and after his parents let him buy them out, it's his baby to take care of. Only thing is ... the shop's not doing so great. Not after a greedy ex-boyfriend siphoned off all the cash he could get his sticky fingers on. Paul is working himself to the bone trying to keep his head above water and not let his parents down. The last thing he needs in his life is a distraction and when Huxley walks into his shop, Paul is more than distracted.

I REALLY enjoyed these two. They were at turns vulnerable and brave, sweet and shy, funny and serious. They bumbled and stumbled and were awkward and so damn adorable. Huxley is bound and determined to be able to drive by Valentine's Day and Paul just wants to survive the busiest day of the year and the one that can make or break him. There is a tiny bit of angst, but it gets resolved quickly and in the best way. I really liked how Hayden showed Huxley growing, how the change in his outlook changes everything about him. How he grows bolder at work, takes risks and takes charge. And Paul, he's so sweet and caring. These two were perfect for one another. The secondary characters, Carson and Bishop and Huxley's sister, Alexandra, all added depth to the overall story line. This was a really nice book that left my heart all warm and fuzzy and with a smile on my face. I highly recommend you check it out!


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  1. I love LGBT books, particularly the G variety. Lol. I'm always looking for new ones. Some of my favorites are Touch Me Gently and anything by Giovanna Reaves, but especially Jordan's Pryde.