Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Release Day Review: Hiding From Two by Morticia Knight #Review #Giveaway

Author: Morticia Knight
Book: Hiding From Two
Series: Soul Match #3
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: August 29, 2017
Length: 143 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Embracing destiny was never meant to be easy.

Morgan can’t figure out where he belongs anymore now that a new world has emerged in the aftermath of the Alasharian invasion of Earth. Everything is too strange and frightening and all he wants to do is hide from it all. It doesn’t help to ease his confusion when he finds himself being drawn to not one, but two aliens. He thought his cousin Chris was insane to fall in love with the muscled warriors who bonded with him as his mates, but his own heart might be in danger when it comes to the warrior Rama, and Hallosh, an advisor to the Alasharian’s Supreme Commander, the Nall.

Chris experiences a terrifying vision from the Soul Healer and it becomes clear that both Alasharian and humans are running out of time to save the Earth from the insidious spread of the Void. A battle is imminent and it becomes imperative to protect those who are allied against the evil that has corrupted the Nall.

Everything on Earth is about to change once again and Morgan finds himself at the brink of discovering his own destiny—and how the two aliens he can’t get out of his mind will be a part of it. A disturbing event triggers the beginning of the fight against the Void. Chris and Morgan must separate for the first time since the invasion, with each of them going with their soul matches. For Morgan, he hopes the goodbye he says to Chris isn’t forever.

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I may or may not have yelled with how it ended, and I’m still freaking glad I devoured the book!

I mean what’s not to love? Aliens and human mating, an apocalyptic storyline that the author likes to unfold slowly and with patience that I just don’t have (give me more!), the emotionally gripping the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it thoughts and feelings, the love...I could go on.

Finally, we get Morgan and his mates! We were teased in book two about who his one mate was going to be, but things didn’t progress which in the end to one was great. Morgan is still scared of the Alasharians, even Chris’s mates, so he needed more time to adjust. I loved that she gave him friendship and trust before the realization of who one of his mates were which opened a door. Morticia never fails to give us well-developed characters that are easy to connect and cheer for let alone the whole of the beings on Earth.

The plot thickens once again! The Void is getting stronger, taking over more and more, but the allies are growing as well. It’s still a balancing act to keep them all safe and alive, and Chris is under even more pressure since it’s all on him as to how they survive. The suspense is mounting, but Morticia never falters in her delivery of the crumbs that progress the story and the heat and love between these bonded mates.

Now I need book four….


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