Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Release Day Review: The Angel On The Northern Line by Catherine Curzon #Review #Giveaway

Author: Catherine Curzon
Book: The Angel On The Northern Line
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: August 22, 2017
Length: 36 pages

Reviewed by Michael


When your average, run-of-the-mill retired superhero Latin teacher meets an angel on the underground, it’s not only runaway trains that spark.

Christian Winter used to save the world. In World War II, when good and bad was a simple matter of whose side you were on, life had seemed so much simpler. Back then it was easy for a superman to see the troops safely home. Back then it was easy to be Mithras.

Long since retired to teach Latin in a London school, the man who used to be Mithras wants nothing more than a cup of tea and a quiet life. All that changes thanks to a runaway train and a red-headed Scottish angel on the Northern Line whose eyes are bluer than a summer sky, and who just happens to have a thing for chaps in tweed.

Swept along by Freddy Rose’s passion and enthusiasm, Christian’s efforts to resist the Scottish angel’s attractions aren’t exactly heartfelt, but can the passionate angel and an encounter with a very important lady tempt Mithras back to a life of adventure?

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Short stories can be hit or miss.  They usually don’t have a lot of depth or character development, give the small number of pages the author has to tell the story.  Which is why it’s such a pleasant surprise when I read one that not only has depth and character development, but also history.

“The Angel of the Northern Line” has exactly that.  Set ten years after the close of World War II, Catherine Curzon tells the tale of now-retired hero, Mithras, also known as Christian Winter.    After dealing with tragedy at the close of the War, Winter leaves the world of super-heroics for a life of academia.  With the War over, most heroes have retired and disappeared.  A chance, (or perhaps not so much) encounter with former hero leads Winter into the possibility of not only reconnecting with his former life, but also with another person, something he hasn’t done in nearly a decade.  

Curzon packs an enormous amount of information into a relatively short read, giving finer details to the Christian White that give him life and color his world. However, you never feel bogged down by those details.  Nor is it unnecessary fluff.  

This is one of those perfect set ups for future stories, and I would be curious to see what happens with Christian, Freddie…and the Queen.


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