Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Guest Post: Kris Jacen


First, thank you to Diverse Reader for letting me visit. At the end of February, the fifth book in my With Me series, STEP UP WITH ME, will release. Someone asked me the other day if it was easier for me now. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about. Easier? Getting the words? Coming up with the idea? Doing all the author things (which I honestly as an editor never really knew all of them)?

I’d be lying if I said it was easier these days. If anything, I think I’m feeling the pressure. I’ve heard from several readers that my books are now among their favorite re-reads (which floored me. I’m not one of those “popular” authors); several love the authenticity with the military details and have thanked me for opening their eyes to what military families go through. But how to continue telling these stories is scary.

There are so many elements to military service and being with a military service member, it’s scary. But I don’t want to bore readers with the same old, same old. Does this mean I’m done with my soldiers and their partners? Not yet. There will be one more — that I’ve planned. Of course, WAIT FOR ME was going to be a one and done book. The last book that I’m planning in the series will be the most challenging of the series for me. It’s already got a title — ALWAYS WITH ME and will have my terrible twosome getting their partners. Yes, the twins, Cal and Cam, will get their stories AND you’ll get both of their partners points of view too. Yup, I’m going to write the story from four different points of view. Wish me luck!

If you haven’t tried out my guys, WAIT FOR ME (book one) is on sale for the month of February for $0.99. 


Master Sergeant Jeff “Mackey” MacNamara has been waiting for THE ONE for years. First it wasn’t too safe to find a partner and now his schedule is a nightmare with training soldiers and deployments.

Scott Ash has found where he always was meant to be after a brief bout of idealistic do-gooder after college. He loves his job as a child care director, if he could just find someone to love – perfect might cover it.

A chance meeting when Scott is doing a favor for a friend starts them on a journey that could take them to forever, it’s just a matter of waiting.

Blurb: Challenge Me

Briar Mason joined the Army to find himself after he believed the lies that had gone around about his best friend, Carter, and his sister. He should have known that Carter wouldn't do those things but family was family, right? He'll find out who his real family is when he's injured and sent back to the states.

Not-telling-you-my-first-name Randolph was about to hit ten years in the Army and had some amazing assignments but one had eluded him until now รข€“ Ranger School. Coming from being assigned to the Presidential Salute Battery was going to be the best thing for him since training was emphasized. Should be easy, right?

Briar and Randolph met when Briar had stopped to apologize to Carter and Randolph was in full-on protective mode. Can these two find a middle ground while challenging themselves and each other to be better?

Blurb: Step Up With Me 
Richard “Tank” Martin was a big boy from the start. Born weighing over 11 pounds, he didn’t stop growing. When he was in middle school, a football coach took him under his wing and finally explained to him the mystery of calories in, calories out and from then on it was all good for him. At least he thought. Being called to meet with his platoon sergeant and told that he was now part of the Army’s overweight program, sent him into a spin that only his crews can help him out of.
 Dr. Jack Dillon thought his life was good and finally settled. Part of an active veterinarian practice, volunteering with a service dog organization, spoiling his sister’s triplets and training in sports jui-jitsu…the only this missing was a partner. He never thought that his world could be shattered with just a phone call even after being around his military friends. 
 Tank and Jack have been dancing around each other for months until Tank takes a chance and kisses Jack at their friends’ wedding moving their slow dance into a heated bump and grind. Can these two survive the changes coming their ways together or will all the changes break them apart?

About The Author

Kris Jacen grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts, met her soldier in high school but didn’t marry him until almost ten years later. She moved around with him and their daughters (born in two different states thanks to the Army) for the first 19 years of their marriage (they celebrated their silver anniversary in 2018) before settling in western New York.

She has been the Editor in Chief and Formatting Director for ManLoveRomance Press and its imprints since January of 2008 and has never looked back. Working with the amazing authors at MLR has allowed her to both hone her editorial skills and indulge her inner fangirl. She also acts as editor, mentor and sounding-board for newcomers which lets her “pay-it-forward” and help authors realize their dreams.

You can find out more about Kris on her website www.krisjacen.com.

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  1. Oh wow. Looking forward to Step up with Me. But Always with Me sounds awesome. Really looking forward to the new books.