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Audiobook Review: His Consort by Mary Calmes Narrated by Scott Smith #Review #Giveaway

Author: Mary Calmes
Narrator: Scott Smith
Title: His Consort
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Publication date: December 20, 2018
Length: 6 hours 33 minutes

Reviewed by Erin


A new life in New Orleans is all Jason Thorpe had hoped: His quaint little store attracts a devoted staff, and his warm, loving heart grants him a loyal circle of friends. He's perfectly content, having left behind the chill of a confusing and danger-filled night in Washington, until he discovers something unbelievable lurking in the steamy darkness of the shadowy streets of the Vieux Carré, something that turns out to be terrifying...and utterly mesmerizing.
The prince of the vampires, Varic Maedoc, is visiting New Orleans when he finds out the man who once helped his counselor is there in the Quarter. He thinks to simply meet and thank Jason - until he lays eyes on him. Varic's devoted himself to protect the honor of his race, and he's never wanted a mate before...but he immediately knows he must have this man, and no one else will do.
Varic may want to bring Jason safely into his world, but someone who doesn't like the human's soothing influence on vampires has deadly plans that would disrupt Varic's dreams. Now, unable to tell friend from foe, Jason finds himself wondering how to hold on to the prince's heart when he's fighting for his life.


As a die hard audiobook fan, it's always SUCH a pleasure when a favorite author and a favorite narrator team up for the first time. As any avid (or rabid, depending on your word preference!) listener knows, a narrator can make or break a story. Sometimes a narrator can bring the characters to life in such a way that they resonate on a deeper level than just reading the words on a page and other times, if the narrator and the author and characters don't mesh well, the audio falls flat. In the case of Mary Calmes' His Consort, Scott Smith did more than deliver a stellar performance. He made me fall in love with Jason Thorpe and Varic Maedoc all over again and left me wanting more. 

Scott Smith is one of those special narrators that just brings so much to add to your listening experience. The tone of his voice, the accents he uses, the pacing and cadence of the story combined with his unique inflections and the emotions that come through loud and clear in each scene all add to the enjoyment of listening to him. I'm a big fan of accents when they're done well, and Scott Smith is one of the best. He has a very unique way of making each voice match the character which is really what you want from a voice actor. Mary's books always wind up on my list of favorite audio books, and His Consort is no different. I am sure I'll listen to this one many times to come.


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  1. Love this book. Also love the Marshal series by Mary Calmes