Thursday, February 28, 2019

Release Day Review: Don't by Jack L Pyke #Review #Giveaway

Author: Jack L. Pyke
Title: Don't (second edition)
Series: Don't #1
Publication Date: February 28, 2019
Length: 399 pages

Reviewed by Truus


(2019 Re-edited Edition)

“Don’t… bleed for me.” ~ the Unknown.

Saying Don’t around Jack Harrison always did lead him into dangerous grounds on London streets. But now someone knows Jack’s head inside and out, and they’re about to twist all perception and lead him into an underground depravity that nearly sent him down in his youth. As Jack slips further into a dark psychological minefield, only two men offer different paths back to sanity: Gray, a man who knows Jack’s every dark thought, and Jan, the first man to show Jack a “soft lad” approach to head and heart. But with deadly games and ghosts bleeding through into Jack’s reality, it’s a fight to see who out of the three of them will survive long enough to find a way out of the vicious game played by someone known only as… the Unknown.


This was an amazing story. I was somewhat floored by it. At every turning point I was stunned by the unpredictable twist, it was exquisitely done, I just couldn’t believe my eyes.
Jack is a mechanic with his own garage, also working as a martial art teacher at a dojo.
When a gorgeous guy with soft brown eyes brings in a broken car, Jack is more than interested.

Jan is a financial consultant with a broken car and is intrigued by Jack’s personality and even more when he feels Jack’s caged cock.

They start something together and both are more than smitten with each other. Until...
Until it all becomes complicated. This is not an ordinary story, it has so many layers and is so widely spread out, it’s just not simple to describe it without giving too much story away.
One thing I can say: don’t tell Jack ‘don’t’
This journey is all about three men, a thrilling psychological war, many traps, Doms and subs, a safety net, and love. We get to know all these factors throughout the story. Every chapter was one where my mouth was hanging open from all the amazing and intriguing events.
I loved Jan instantly, and Jack, gosh, he was something.  I never met a more complicated personality than Jack I loved him hard and together they felt so right.

Jan made Jack forget his shit, until it became too complicated. And then there was Gray!!
Whoa, what can I say about Gray? He has such a strong personality, he brings you to your knees. He just demands it with his whole being, I had a deep respect for him.
Jack oh Jack, the most stubborn man I’ve ever met. I would have thrown the towel in the ring more than once. But Jack nooo, even deeply hurt he stayed dedicated. I loved him for that.
This was one of the most intriguing stories I have ever read, so explosive!! Watching the wick slowly burn before reaching the bomb and BAM.

It was a dark, unpredictable, thrilling, warm, funny, hurtful, emotional, enlightening, honest, witty, thorough, and endearing story.
Gray, Jack and Jan were amazingly put down. Their dynamic was so powerful, my heart skipped more than once watching them.
A story with  unbelievably strong content and masterfully written in the most captivating way as possible, the whole scenery was breathtaking.

Silly me I was reading at work at lunch, tears running down my face,  how could I explain this.
So, don’t... read at work, hell,  don’t... read with anyone around, sit by yourself and go with this tremendous ride!
Highly recommended


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