Saturday, February 23, 2019

All About Me And What's To Come~ NJ Lysk

It's another week gone but a new All About Me And What's To Come! Today we have the fabulous NJ Lysk hanging out and talking with us. Know NJ? Well then you'll maybe see something new.... New to you? That's always exciting to discover new talent. So, have a seat and have fun.

Hi, everyone!
First of all, thank you to Meredith King for the chance to meet you all.
Let me tell you a little about me, I chose the name N.J. Lysk because I liked the taste of it—not sure what shade of my queerness to adjudicate this to, to be honest!—and I only meant to try out publishing a little genderfuck porn story called “Soldier On” (Dubcon, noncon, mpreg, body modification).

 Then, of course, it took over my creative brain and I ended up writing “The Stars of the Pack”, a whole series about a werewolf who unexpectedly presents as an omega and is asked by his pack leader to take five alpha mates and create a new pack (Dubcon, angst, mpreg, body modification) and to my surprise this ended up becoming a romance, full of hardships and mistakes on all their parts but… Well, I won’t spoil you ;p
So that’s my beginnings, currently I have abandoned werewolves (for a bit, I can’t quite resist the call of the moon for long!) and I have a new exciting release that is strange in many ways but a work of absolute love: The Realm of the Impossible (February 28th, Amazon KU)

The Queen is dead and Lorax is ready to take his rightful place when an intimate betrayal leaves him with no choice but to surrender his throne or lose his only remaining family.

At this unbearable crossroad, Lorax can watch the new Queen lead his country into a catastrophic war, or indulge his enemy's sole weakness: himself.

But for how long can he surrender his body without losing his heart?

A Dark Royal Queer Romance featuring a taboo relationship, noncon, dubcon and sex shifters.

So did I catch your attention? ;p First of all, I’ll warn you straight off that this is a romance between siblings (adults, almost the same age) and that it contains non-con that becomes dub-con, but it’s ultimately a romance (Trust me, it’s not an easy journey there). Which is to say, these people are fucked up but they make do.
The second warning is that this is set in a world where some people are shifters… they don’t become wolves, they just change their sex at will. If you think about it that way, I think you can suspend your disbelief :p That said, all sex in this novel happens between male-bodied people (Homosexuality, the best contraceptive ever invented!). If you want to make sure it’s your cup of tea, you can start reading now on my page.
After “The Realm of the Impossible”, I will be publishing the second volume on my hockey/law a/b/o romances (an eco-friendly alternate universe, non-shifter a/b/o with hockey, lawyers and social revolutionaries). “Cracking Ice” is the story of two hockey players, an alpha and an omega, who end up playing for the same hockey team and are put in the same line, discovering they can basically read each other’s minds on the ice. The problem is, of course, that off the ice they can’t stand each other… And they want to fuck each other senseless.

The first volume, about their linemate Thomas, is already out—“Not Destiny” (a/b/o, hockey player/lawyer, BDSM, non-standard pairing), you can check out the first chapters here or if you’re a KU person, you can head straight to Amazon!
If you’re interested in my darker side, my newest erotica novella, “His Brother’s Dowry” (noncon, M/M/M, mpreg, body modification, feminization, slavery) is only 99c until the 27th!

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