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Release Day Promotional Post: The Alpha King by Victoria Sue #Review #Excerpt #Giveaway

Author: Victoria Sue
Book: The Alpha King
Self Published 
Publication date: January 26, 2017
Length: 215 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


The Kingdom of Askara has been torn apart by conflict for centuries, where humans exist as subservient beings to their werewolf masters. Legend says it will only be able to heal itself when an Alpha King and a pure omega are mated and crowned together, but a pure omega hasn’t been born in over a thousand years.
Luca is an Alpha-heir eagerly awaiting the choosing ceremony on his twenty-fifth birthday and the gifts granted by whichever omega he mates. His small pack is destitute due to the decisions of its ruling council, but being only an Alpha-heir, he has no authority to challenge them. Not until now—this moment he has waited a long time for.
Kit grew up as a street-rat, an unlicensed human who would never be more than a slave for whichever master owns him. Then one day he came across a young Alpha-heir, attacked and dying of poison, and found out their fates were suddenly entwined.
Luca needs to take over his pack and save his people. He cannot afford to be distracted. But when he meets Kit, he develops abilities indicating he is not just a pack Alpha, but the King his world has needed for a thousand years.
Is Kit really the cause of Luca’s newfound power, the true mate he needs? How is it possible when the young man isn’t even a werewolf, and as merely a human, a mating is not only forbidden, but for Kit, a sentence of death?

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Victoria Sue it the type of author that no matter how sure you are of the happily ever after she will make you work for it. She will tear your soul out, light it on fire, and wait a good long while before extinguishing it. In The Alpha King it starts off with pain. Luca’s pain. He’s stabbed and poisoned but it’s Kit who steals the show and does so throughout this entire book.

 Kit literally sacrifices his own life because of a vision. What Kit endures for years just to better the world is amazing. His strength, courage, and perseverance is by far the greatest of any other character in this book.

Luca, the Alpha King, is powerful. His orders shake the earth, make his enemies cower, and his pack fall to their knees. But he would be nothing without Kit…. Literally. You know the saying, Behind every great man there’s a woman rolling her eyes? Yeah well I was rolling my eyes at Luca a lot but the strength he has is because of Kit. I will admit I wanted to beat the crud out of Luca at one point. I really did and I have to tell you just to deal with Luca shows you Kit’s abilities.  

This story is suspenseful. A lot of surprises, a bit of mystery, a lot of heartache but there’s also joy, life, magic, and extreme loyalty. This book deals with diversity. The author chooses the wolves and the humans to get the point across of our great divide in this world. How overcoming and working together will always be better than separate. Just because someone is different or possesses a threat does not mean they should be wiped out, judged, or made to feel like less. I adored that part of this.
This story is also about family. About creating one of your own and accepting those who wonder in and burrow themselves into your heart. 

This is a fabulously creative and entertaining story built on the foundation of emotion. I very much recommend it.

Exclusive Excerpt

Luca saw everything through a red haze. Anger the like of which he had never known boiled over him at the sight of Gareth pinning Kit to the bed, Kit naked, and Gareth with his pants down to his ankles. He was just lining his filthy, dripping cock up to a struggling Kit while he held Kit down by the back of his neck with his partially shifted and clawed hand.
Luca heard shouts outside as the ground shook. Fear registered in Gareth’s eyes as Luca grabbed the wolf by the throat and lifted him off the floor. Legs scrambling, he tried desperately with clawed fingers to loosen the hands Luca was choking him with. Luca roared again and Gareth’s face turned purple, his struggles becoming weaker.
“Sire, Sire... Luca!” Luca took a breath as he registered the small cry and saw Kit crying in Sam’s hold.
Luca opened his fingers instantly and Gareth dropped to the floor. Sam let go of Kit at the same time and then Kit launched himself at Luca. Luca folded his arms around him protectively and bent his head.
He couldn’t think. Kit’s delicious scent weaved through his lungs and he drew in deep breath after deep breath. Luca couldn’t stop shaking. He became aware of someone whispering comfort to him, and realized it was Kit. Murmured words interspersed with kisses, covered his skin and soothed his heart. He held Kit close, the omega’s skin like a furnace.
 “I’m sorry,” Luca ground out. “I should have listened to you.”
Garbled words left Kit’s throat and even desperate as Luca was to claim him, he tried to grasp the shreds of his control.
“He’s sick,” Luca said to Sam.
Sam took a step nearer to Kit and a growl seemed to burst from Luca’s throat. Kit seemed almost delirious, rubbing himself on Luca, whines and little pleading noises filling the air.
“Sire,” Sam said, taking a step back, “you need to claim him.”
Luca’s wolf roared in his mind and his gums ached. “I-I can’t.”
“Sire,” Sam pleaded, “he’s not sick, he’s in heat.”
What? Luca’s mind cleared. “That’s impossible, he’s a human—a male human, not a female she-wolf.”
“He’s a pure omega, Sire. Listen to your wolf.”
Kit mewled again—“Luca, Luca please,”—and Luca felt the last shred of control over his wolf snap. Luca captured Kit’s lips. He mauled Kit’s mouth. Licked and sucked and gently bit. He vaguely heard the door to the hut close firmly and knew Sam had taken Gareth outside. He didn’t care whether the wolf was still alive, all his focus was on the gorgeous lithe body wriggling temptingly in his arms.
He wrenched his lips away from Kit with difficulty. Kit’s scent was drugging him until he could barely think. “I can’t. I haven’t any—” He couldn’t take Kit with merely spit. The idea appalled him.
“I am an omega,” Kit said, clutching him. “I am your omega.” He took Luca’s cheeks in both of his small hands. “My body was made for you, you cannot hurt me...ever.”
Luca blinked at the complete certainty in Kit’s eyes. He hoisted him higher. Kit wrapped his legs around Luca’s waist instantly and Luca’s hand strayed to the crease of Kit’s ass. Kit trembled as Luca’s hand slid further, but not in fear. Luca stared into the deep blue eyes, wide with lust and dark with longing. His gaze dropped to Kit’s lips—pink, puffy, but curving in the most heart-stoppingly beautiful smile he had ever seen.
Luca’s breath caught and Kit slid closer, tightening his legs and pressing his cock against Luca’s abdomen, silently begging. He fixed his eyes on Kit’s face and searched with his finger, immediately finding Kit’s puckered entrance. He swirled his finger around and his finger came back slick. He blinked in shock.
“Made for you. I told you,” Kit urged and Luca slipped his forefinger in as Kit gasped and his head fell back. Luca nearly came himself at the look of complete rapture on Kit’s face. He truly was made for Luca. Kit moaned decadently, the sound sending another bolt of heat to Luca’s groin.
He had to lay Kit down, now. There was a small bed in the corner and Luca only took two steps to reach it. He lay Kit down gently on his back.
“It may be easier if you turn over and get on your knees,” Luca insisted.
Kit shook his head. “Please, no. I want to see you.”
He cupped Kit’s face. “It will kill me to cause you any pain.”
“Not possible.” Kit’s smile was back.
“Made for me.” Luca echoed before Kit had the chance.
Luca dropped his pants quickly and his aching cock sprang free to be immediately clasped in Kit’s small hands as Kit bent forward. Luca was embarrassed at the noise he made. No wolf should whimper like he did. Kit’s hand glided up his shaft and Luca clamped his lips closed. Fuck, he was so close already.
“What are you waiting for?” Kit teased, and he guided Luca’s cock to his hole.
Luca was hanging on by a thread. He tried to remain still, he tried to go slow, but the first touch of Kit’s welcoming heat around his length ripped his patience to threads. Luca bucked his hips and his cock glided straight into Kit’s welcoming ass. Luca whimpered again, making no attempt to hide the noise or his need.
Kit wrapped his legs around Luca’s hips and moaned long and low. “Perfect.”
Luca’s eyes opened wide in astonishment. No pain registered on Kit’s face at all. His creamy brown cheeks, dusky with a pink tinge, lips parted, and blue eyes wide and unfocused were the most beautiful thing Luca had ever seen. More small, satisfied noises fell from his lips as Luca thrust in hard and pulled out achingly slow. Need burned in Luca hotter with each motion and he leaned closer to Kit, locking his elbows and changing his angle of thrust so he wouldn’t crush him.
“Ohh...” Kit’s eyes opened wide and Luca smiled, knowing his cock had just brushed Kit’s gland. Kit’s legs wrapped tight around Luca and Luca now set up an urgent rhythm. Tight, perfect heat surrounded his dick and he felt his balls draw up and pressure build in his spine. His jaw tingled. He licked his lips, salivating, knowing his canines would drop to give Kit the mating bite.
“Touch yourself,” Luca commanded, wanting Kit to experience the same rush of pleasure.
Kit’s gaze narrowed as he tried to focus on Lucas. He clumsily grabbed his own slim cock. “Please,” Kit begged, licking his lips. “Don’t stop. I’m—” Kit arched, his eyes closed and his mouth falling open.
All words forgotten. Kit’s scent slammed into Luca. The heat from Kit’s cum splattered his abdomen. His canines dropped instantly as he lowered his head to the base of Kit’s neck. Pleasure exploded in every cell in Luca’s body as his balls emptied and his teeth cut through Kit’s skin like butter. Stars exploded behind his tightly closed eyelids as he sucked furiously. He just had the ability to lick the wound closed as his teeth retracted and he collapsed to the side, bringing Kit with him, their bodies still joined.
Complete peace surrounded Luca as he panted softly. It was the best, the most perfect feeling of completion...ever.

About Victoria Sue

Wrote her first book on a dare from her hubby two years ago and he says he has regretted it every day since. Loves writing about gorgeous boys loving each other the best, and especially with either a paranormal or a historical twist. Had a try at writing contemporary but failed spectacularly when it grew four legs and a tail. Loves her wolves!

Is an English northern lass but is currently serving twenty to life in Florida – unfortunately, she spends more time chained at her computer than on a beach.

Loves to hear from her readers and can be found most days lurking on facebook.

@vickysuewrites– sign up for my newsletter and download a free story The Wrong Alpha


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