Thursday, January 12, 2017

Diverse Reader~ 3 Year Blogiversary ~ Luna David: Guest Post #Giveaway

It has been so awesome this week celebrating Diverse Reader's 3 Year Blogiversary! Today, we continue the party with the very funny, super delightful, and quite talented Luna David. This post made me laugh and I'm sure you will too. Stick around to the end for the giveaway!


Hello Everyone! Let me let you in on a little something… Hmm? Meredith has tasked me with writing a memory of her or of my experiences working with Diverse Reader… I gotta admit, she truly asked the WRONG person, because I seriously have an epically awful memory.

BUT! What does one do when they have such a horrible time remembering the simplest things in life—what she had for breakfast, if she took her medicine, where are her children, what her first conversation was like with Meredith at Diverse Reader? One goes back to the beginning… Where it all began, if you will.

As the tension was mounting and I was cursing my brain for its complete and utter reluctance to recollect even the most mundane of subjects, a very good friend said to me, “Go to your PM history and look at your first conversations with her…”

And so I did… 

What surprised me most was the fact that Meredith took my virginity, ya’ll. No lie, she truly did. I started talking to her about a year ago now and we got to know each other a bit. When I was FINALLY finished with my first book—those of you who know me know that I might truly be the slowest writer of all time—and was ready to ask some friends I’d made to review that bad boy, she was one of the first ones I approached. That conversation went a little bit like this:
Luna: OMG I don’t know what to do to promote my first book. I just put it on Amazon and that’s pretty much all I’ve got in my arsenal. Where do I go? What do I do? How do I get reviews? How do I promote my book? HELP ME, Meredith! You’re my only hope! But go easy, because I’m a virgin…
Meredith: Well I'm harmless and I'll make it painless for you. I will pop your promo cherry for you HAHA!!!
Luna: LMAO! Well... I don't mind if it’s a little painful... otherwise, what's the fun....
And so it began, ladies and gentleman… 

But oh wait, I’m not done because when I told this to my very good friend, the very same one I mentioned above, that had originally eased my panic with words of wisdom regarding PM conversation history, she said that SHE had her review cherry popped by Meredith too! *GASP* *Cue dramatic plot twist music*

Now, I gotta be honest.. At first I was all, “YAY! We both got devirginized by Meredith King!”
But then I was all, “Wait. We both got devirginized by Meredith King… Was I not special? Was I not good enough? Why did she have to look elsewhere? What is the meaning of life?”

And then I realized that she wouldn’t have much of a blog if she only devirginized one author and then called it good… So, though Meredith may “get around”, deflowering all of us author virgins and continuing to review soooo many wonderful LGBTQ+ books on her blog, she always treats all of her authors and publishers with kindness and respect, even when we don’t know what the hell we’re doing…

So thank you, Meredith King and Diverse Reader! Congrats on your THREE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! *Happy Dance* *waves hands in the air* *Cue explosive fireworks display*


Luna will be gifting one person with a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card!
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  1. Hi Luna, thank you for the hilarious post. I often wondered where my children were too. Wait till they get older then you really don't want to know.
    I know you from FB, but not as an author. I sure have to read your books.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing! Luna David is a new to me author, but I'm always looking for authors to try.

  3. Hi Luna I enjoyed the post I do have your books on my TBR pile but after my mum being ill for the last year I haven't read as many books so my TBR is a very big tower.

  4. LOL - boy that Meredith gets around. ;-)

    I have not read any of Luna's books yet, but after that funny post, will have to check them out.

  5. Yes, I've read her series and now I am waiting for book 3.

  6. Hi Luna David. I have your books on my wishlist, but have not yet had the pleasure of reading them. Thanks for the laughs today!

  7. Hi Luna! I love your books and I can't wait for book 3!!!

  8. Hi Luna I would love to read your book.

  9. Happy anniversary and thanks for the giveaway. I haven't read any of Luna's yet, and the Custos Securities series sounds great.

  10. Hi Luna! I have your first book waiting for me to read right now. :-)

  11. Luna is new to me!