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Random Reviews... The Power of Peppermint by L.D. Blakeley #Review #Giveaway

Author: L.D. Blakeley
Book: The Power of Peppermint
Self Published
Publication date: December 13, 2016
Length: 68 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


The most wonderful time of the year?

When Jamison Pritchett is roped into replacing the mall photographer at Santa’s Village a week before Christmas, he’s certain he’ll be spending the holidays recovering from a nervous breakdown. A throng of sugar-frenzied kids might be enough to send this uptight photographer back into the darkroom permanently. Inappropriate thoughts about his far-too-attractive—and far-too-young—assistant aren’t helping fight that urge to hide, either.

For Noah Hawkins, adulting is a snap. Too bad relationships aren’t. With his business temporarily closed for repairs, he’s happy to help his sister out of a jam, even if the costume he’s given to wear borders on obscene. Constantly being mistaken for a teenager is no treat either, especially when he discovers his temporary new co-worker is sexy as hell and 15 years his senior.

Can Noah convince Jamison that age is just a number? Or will Jamison resist the gift Santa seems to be handing him on a platter?

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Holiday stories are huge for me. I can only really read them during this time of the year otherwise I can't click with them.

The Power of Peppermint is such a sweet holiday read. Jamison hides behind a camera. He has anxiety and likely having a camera blocking him from people fills him with a certain amount of comfort.

Noah is so adorable. He looks a lot younger than his 24 years. It's likely why he makes such a good elf! Personality wise, Jamison and Noah couldn't be more different. Noah is good for Jamison. He helps take him out of his shell.

Seeing Jamison turn a lovely shade of pink and nervously shake and stutter makes Noah happy. It's clear no one truly ever appreciated Jamison that way.

This is a sweet, romantic holiday read and I enjoyed it.


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