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Review: Cracking Ice: Episodes 5-7 by NJ Lysk #Review #Giveaway

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The Hell Flames have qualified for the semi-finals and Carry and Keenan are closer than ever despite Keenan's blooming romance with Amalia.

He cannot remain silent while omegas suffer, and as he comes into contact with the activists fighting for omega rights, he starts to believe he can really contribute to change things. But Keenan's need to speak out might cost him the very person he's trying to protect.

Carry knows he has to be careful with his public image, but behind closed doors he's taking names and getting organized as for the first time in years he starts to see a way out of the box he's been assigned to as an omega.

But every interaction between Carry and Keenan is a walk down a tightrope and with the bond pulling them closer, can they really keep things professional when they add friendship to their desire?

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Watching Keenan speak out for omega rights, Carry has come to see pretending won't make the world a fairer place, but the revolution neither intended to spark is bringing them closer each day... Can they resist? And should they?

Hockey was everything to them both… until they met each other. All Keenan Avali wants to do is play hockey. It doesn’t matter that he’s an alpha, he’s got no interest in dominating anywhere but on the ice. When Cartwright Johnson joins the Hell’s Flames, he expects to play hard to compensate for being an omega who dared to pursue a professional hockey career. After his last team traded him, he is not making the mistake of falling for a teammate ever again. He’s sure he’s got the control to keep his pants on and his heart closed... until he meets Keenan Avali.An omega can't trust an alpha, much less one as hot as Avali, but nobody can fail to see they play together like they were made for it. But for how long can they be the perfect teammates on ice when they can't stand to look at each other off it?



An omega in heat. His straight alpha teammate. A night they won't forget. A connection they cannot deny.

When Cartwright Johnson joins the Hell’s Flames, he expects to play hard to compensate for being an omega daring to pursue a professional hockey career. But he doesn't count on the instant connection he forms with his alpha linemate... Or on the heat it sparks.

All Keenan Avali wants to do is play hockey. It doesn’t matter that he’s an alpha, he’s got no interest in dominating anywhere but on the ice. And he's certainly got no interest in men, no matter how sweet they smell or how beautifully they skate.

Nobody can fail to see they play together like they were made for it. But how close can they get to success without losing something much dearer than a game?



Episode #5 Fire

Ha! My town Rotterdam was mentioned, that is awesome!

With two times two hours a day being around Keenan, Carry could live with it. Every second his aware of Keenan’s present.

“He'd always thought the whole thing about an alpha's voice affecting an omega was bullshit—just like one true pair.”

They all are training hard to win games. With shields up and down it seems workable, but my goodness I found it almost impossible for them. Imagine a constant awareness of the other and not giving in because of skating, because of freedom, because of resistance against what other one's expectations.
The feelings are devastating, wanting someone but not as much as play hockey or freedom, and the most intense thing about it is, the other knows.

Oh, my heart. Keenan, I wished he could have him. He is so strong and dedicated to Carry. With everything he did, he did it with Carry in his mind.
He is one of the few alpha’s, who spoke out in public about equal rights for omega.
Not everyone takes this to the heart. Not convinced of Keenan’s ideas.
There are proponents and opponents about equal rights. There are some comments about Keenan’s only reason is because of one omega.

Carry has fought his whole life against alpha’s and what was expected of him as an omega. It was exhausting to watch him, fight against the strong connection they had. My heart wanted to reach out.
Carry spoke out so many times about hockey comes first, I think he made Keenan believe it.

It was awesome to watch the complications of the mind. It was so well thought out, very impressive. The strong resistance of Carry against what was in front of him gave me a bit of irritation. Come one... I so want them together.

Episode #6 Cracking

The season is over. Keenan has to be honest to himself, if he wasn’t wanted, he should stop being wanted. It isn’t good.
Keenan travels home to his parents.
Talking with Sven he mentioned Amalia, that he loved her and... for a freaking moment I misunderstood the situation.
Even with the pause, Keenan can’t stop thinking about Carry. And it’s ditto with Carry. But knowing Carry, there will be no process, Carry only wants his freedom.
Keenan tries to go on without his true mate.

Carry got issues with his suppressants and he knows he can trust Keenan, not to bite or bond him. He is conflicted, can he ask to have sex with him? No, no there are other Alphas. Still, it’s nagging in his head.

Finally, FINALLY Carry understands what real freedom is. I wanted to fall on my knees and kiss the ground he was on.

Dang what a hard read. I almost disliked Carry all over again. I’m trying hard and wanted to understand him, I did at some points, but he makes it difficult for himself, he isn’t quite lovable. Then, he starts to open up, omg I can’t believe my eyes.
Like all the installments before this is an amazingly written story. A journey I’m so happy to be part of, its exceptional in every way. A well thought out plot. The characters are excellently developed, I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Episode #7 Light

Glorious final installment thank you thank you.
Finally Carry cracked and the only option he had was to offer Keenan his heart. I cried, I wanted to stand on a chair and waving a flag, a rainbow flag to be specific!!! Yahhhh
To be honest, in the back of my head I was afraid and never thought this would ever happen, but finally.
Dear, dear Keenan, at last, he could hold his omega. *sob* I had so much respect for him.

I swear I could smell them like they could. It made me delirious.
I felt so much compassion for Keenan, even with Carry in his arms he was so unsure and cautious when Carry opened his mouth. He had a fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. Afraid Carry would... he didn’t know what, but it would shatter him.

Still, it isn’t easy, they just started and have to learn about the other and their relationship. Carry is complicated, vulnerable, afraid for many reasons and wary about his person. They have a long difficult way to go, both know it will be worth as long as they are together.

For me, this was the best story about alpha’s, omega’s, mates, and especially the aspect ‘scent’, the scent of the ocean and sand, caramel and candied apples. It was EVERYTHING. Also, this story has one of the most complicated characters I ever read about, the shields levels were so intense. The author did a tremendously good job. The story was strongly consistent and because of that, it felt reliable, acceptable, realistic and last but not least immensely entertaining.

A series I highly recommend to read!


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