Tuesday, March 17, 2020

New Release Review: The Billionaire's Bribe by Jambrea Jo Jones #Review #Giveaway

Title: The Billionaire's Bribe
Author: Jambrea Jo Jones 
Publisher: Pride Publishing 
Publication Date: March 3, 2020
Length: 196 pages 

Reviewed by Truus


Remington knows not to date employees, but when his father throws down an ultimatum, everything changes. Elros only wants overtime but what he gets instead…
Remington doesn’t want a boyfriend. He’s content with his playboy behavior and extravagant lifestyle, but his father is pushing the issue and wants him to settle down. When an employee comes to him with a request for overtime, he decides to kill two birds with one stone. He can have a pretend boyfriend, which will make his father happy, and Remington will be able to keep his trust fund and the way of life that goes with it. What could go possibly wrong? He’s willing to find out.
Elros needs money—and fast. His boss offers him an opportunity—a bribe, really—to be his fake boyfriend in exchange for a nice-sized payment. Elros isn’t sure living a real-life soap opera is for him, but the money is too good to pass up when his mother has cancer and the bills are adding up faster than he can blink. Maybe playing pretend could work.

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Remy needs a fake boyfriend to reassure his dad he’ll settle down and be serious about it, so his father will not keep him on a leash with money.
Elros needs to ask his boss for more work hours so he can pay for his mother’s health bills. Stepping into his boss’s office he understands he can’t make more hours, but he can act like his boyfriend, fake of course, but still, get paid for it.

They start a fake relationship, El didn’t tell Remy about his mother who is very ill and terminal.
Their fake relationship turns into more very fast.
It seems like a piece of cake but it’s far from that. Remy’s ex-boyfriend and El’s dying mother cuts a gap between them. El’s grief and pride keeps Remy at bay,  Remy is afraid it’s not temporary.

This was a sweet and kind story about two men who carefully find each other’s hearts, there was a lot of room made for El and his mother. Maybe it was on purpose to build the story around them, for me it was a bit too depressing. I would have loved to read more about the two men together under different circumstances. For some balance, I missed the compassion about the fact that Remy also lost his mother. To be honest, generally, I missed some depth.
After accepting these facts, I can conclude the story was enjoyable, the hurtful moments were nicely expressed, there are some endearing secondary characters I loved.
Overall a slightly developed story with a surprisingly satisfying end.


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