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New Release Review: Throwing Hearts by N.R. Walker #Review #Giveaway

Title: Throwing Hearts
Author: N.R. Walker
Self Published
Publication Date: March 13, 2020
Length: 213 pages

Reviewed by Sammy


A fun and sexy romance where the kiln isn't the only thing that's scorching hot.

Leo Secombe loves his life, and he's convinced himself he's happy to be single. In his spare time, he keeps himself busy at a local LGBTQ centre that pairs a younger person with a community elder to help them feel included in today's rainbow family. Leo and Clyde have been buddies for a few years now, and signing up for a pottery class seems like fun.

Merrick Bowman has been so focused on getting his pottery business up and running that he's forgotten how to date. How to live, even. But when a young, bubbly Leo and an older, grumpy Clyde walk through his door, Merrick has no idea how much Leo is about to centre his world.

Throwing clay has been Merrick's entire life, but Leo's about to change all that. Maybe Merrick's ready to throw caution to the wind. And maybe he's ready to finally throw his heart on the line.


Leo is so glad that he signed up with the local LGBTQ program that pairs a younger gay person with an older one. Finding and meeting Clyde has been the most rewarding thing that has happened in Leo’s life for a while even if Clyde is an unredeemable grump and sharp-tongued. They make a good pair and meet up each Friday to do simple things like grocery shop and any activities the group they are a part of are engaging in—this time it’s a pottery class. Leo’s sunny outlook on life is contagious and even though a boyfriend may be missing in his life, he is determined to live in the moment and seize every opportunity to be happy.

Merrick has realized his dream of running his own pottery business. While the first few years were tough with every spare moment being invested in making the business a success he can now say that he achieved his goals and life is good. Of course, his family would beg to differ since all he does is invest his time in the running of his pottery studio—dating is not something he makes time for—nor is he all that interested in one night stands. No, Merrick is a one man kind of guy and he wants something more than casual sex—he wants someone to love—someone to build a future with and to connect with on a deeper level. When the irrepressibly happy Leo walks into his studio, Merrick is instantly smitten.

N.R. Walker has written a gloriously simple yet beautiful love story—two, in fact, in her latest release, Throwing Hearts. This is a classic comfort read with next to no angst and lots of communication and a slow burn romance. There are dual stories here—one about Merrick and Leo and traversing a new relationship where one person needs to take it slow—get to know the other and hold off on full blown penetrative sex until he is sure there is a deeper connection with the other and one featuring some side characters..

Merrick doesn’t just want to use Leo to get off—he wants to woo him, learn all about him, be his boyfriend for a bit before they go all the way. For Leo that initially feels like rejection until he slowly begins to realize that Merrick respects him and wants something lasting with him. Their journey toward a committed relationship is really sweet to read and there is some sex so never fear those who enjoy those types of scenes will not be disappointed. But there is also a lot of getting to know you, sweet romance and just quality time spent together.

The other relationship is that of Merrick’s uncle and Clyde and frankly I could have had an entire novel just dedicated to these two men. I loved Clyde—his grumpy wit, his repartee with
an older woman in their group and his affection for Donny all made for a wonderful side story in this novel. This duo, in particular, said a lot about what life was like for young gay men years ago and how they paved the path for those today—and I was so happy that the author chose to highlight that idea in this story.

Throwing Hearts is a perfect lighthearted read that will restore your faith in romance in these less than happy times we are currently living under. It’s a fun, breezy romance that reminds us that taking our time to learn about each other often returns the biggest payout emotionally.


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